The Top 5 Affordable At Home Saunas Under $3,000

Top 5 Affordable At-Home Saunas

I don't know about you, but when I grew up I always thought about saunas as more of a luxury item.

While there are truly some spectacular saunas out there, at-home saunas are a lot more affordable than you might think these days.

I’ve highlighted some of my favorite affordable saunas under $3,000 including the:

#1 Most Affordable #2 Most Energy Efficient #3 Best for Foot Pain Relief
Barcelona Elite Infrared Sauna Sedona 1-Person Infrared Sauna Maxxus Seattle Infrared Sauna
Barcelona Elite Infrared Sauna

- Cheapest sauna

- No special wiring

- 30-day money-back guarantee

- Automatic 60 min shut off

- Uses less power

- 7 year warranty

- Foot reflexology heater

- 6 carbon heaters

- Free shipping

1. Dynamic Saunas Barcelona Elite Infrared Sauna

Top Pick: Cheapest Sauna

The Barcelona Elite Infrared Sauna is the most affordable sauna for anyone looking to buy a 1-2-person sauna (Check the price here, you’ll see just what we mean.)

Compared to the Sedona Infrared Sauna, another 1-person infrared sauna, it’s about 12% cheaper.

Save your bucks and get a sauna that will still heat up quickly.

Barcelona Elite Infrared Sauna

Absolutely love the sauna. Heats up quickly. Timothy Mullins, Verified Customer, March 2023

2. SunRay Saunas Sedona Infrared Sauna

Top Pick: Energy Efficiency

Are you perhaps looking for a sauna that won’t trouble you about shutting it off and will save money?

The Sedona Infrared Sauna includes an automatic 60-minute shut-off feature so there’s no danger of overheating or using up a lot of power if you forget to turn the sauna off.

Additionally, there’s no need to count the minutes till you can turn it off when you should be relaxing and meditating.

For just one hour, this sauna will use 1.29 kW, which is less than the power of a standard air conditioner of 1.5 kW.

If used for 60 hours at a flat rate of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, you’ll spend about $7 which is affordable.

3. Maxxus Seattle 2-Person Infrared Sauna

Top Pick to Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain can be…well, such a pain. In addition to causing discomfort, it can also increase the risk of falls and impair mobility.

The Maxxus Seattle Infrared Sauna helps relieve foot pain because it includes a foot reflexology heater.

Foot reflexology promotes relaxation which causes blood vessels to dilate and transport more blood to the muscles and relieve pain.

Moreover, the sauna includes 6 carbon far infrared heaters that can penetrate deep into the body tissue to provide relief.

If you’ll be sharing the sauna with an older individual prone to foot pain, this sauna will help on the days they can’t seem to find relief. There are also a bunch of other similar indoor saunas to check out as well. 

It has greatly improved our overall health by reducing post-workout aches and pain from arthritis. David H., Verified Customer, June 2023

4. SunRay Saunas Southport Traditional 3-Person Sauna

Top Pick: Traditional Experience

Now a great pick for those who love a traditional sauna experience: The Southport Traditional Indoor Sauna.

While most saunas on this list will heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, this sauna will crank up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Rest assured you’ll get that high, steamy heat, for a deep sweat.

Not only does it include a 3 kW Harvia electric sauna heater, but it also includes Finnish sauna stones for intense heat and humidity.

Simply pour water over the stones using the ladle, sit back, and enjoy the steam.

Most traditional three-person saunas are going to cost at least twice this.

SunRay Saunas Southport 3-Person Traditional Sauna

5. Maxxus Sauna 4-Person Infrared Sauna

Top Pick for Shared Experiences

The largest and most luxurious sauna on this list, the Maxxus 4-Person Infrared Sauna can seat up to four people. Definitely the one you want if you like using the sauna socially, with family or friends.

In addition to the seating capacity, this sauna also provides multiple entertainment options—an FM radio with Bluetooth capability, MP3 auxiliary, SD, and USB connection.

This makes it fairly easy to adjust to the mood or the vibe of the people you have over for that session, making your experiences more meaningful.

Maxxus Sauna 4-Person Infrared Sauna

Find the Ideal, Affordable Sauna For You

The right sauna for your home shouldn’t break the bank.

Whether you’re looking for the most energy-efficient, the most affordable, or one offering a traditional experience, you can find one under $3,000 here.

You can also browse through our 2-person and 3-person sauna collections to explore a wider variety of saunas.

Go ahead and e-mail, text, or call us at 1-855-963-5665 if you have any questions about the products we carry.

Author’s Note: Updated on January 25, 2023. Removed saunas that are out of stock or whose price is over $3,000. Highlighted specific outstanding qualities for each sauna in addition to their affordability. Included contact links and links to 2-person and 3-person sauna collection pages.

Wes McMahon

Wes McMahon, is the founder of Sun Valley Saunas and a seasoned ski town sauna enthusiast. In early 2021, Wes transitioned from being an attorney and sauna aficionado in Sun Valley, Idaho, to founding Sun Valley Saunas. His deep appreciation for the Finnish sauna tradition has helped him understand and select high-quality, hand-built saunas for customers throughout North America. Combined with his understanding of the therapeutic and communal benefits of sauna culture, he advocates for the wellness practices that saunas can bring to your overall health. Got questions? Get in touch by calling 1-855-963-5665 or

Important: The information provided in our articles about saunas and related topics is intended for general informational and educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before using saunas, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are pregnant. Individual health needs vary, and what benefits one person may not be suitable for another.


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