Harvia: The Original Finnish Sauna Company

Harvia Started in Finland in 1950

Tapani Harvia started building sauna heaters in Finland in 1950.  Throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s Harvia grew to become synonymous in Finland with sauna bathing and quality.  Today, Harvia is a public company that manufactures roughly 25,000 of the finest electric, wood burning and infrared sauna heaters per year. 

If you're looking for a new sauna heater to get your sauna up and running, look no further than the company that's been doing it for over 70 years!  Below is a list of some of their best sauna heaters, along with some great accessories to accompany your new sauna heater.  

Harvia Cilindro Series Stainless Steel Electric Sauna Heater With Built-In Time and Temperature Controls

The cylindrical design of this heater allows for a really soft and smooth heat, which is enhanced by the huge amount of stones that it can hold. It allows for 2 methods of steam: you can pour some on top for an intense burst, or throw a little on the sides for a softer release.

It has onboard controls, which means you won’t have to buy or install any external units. It’s also available in 3 sizes, which cover from 300 to 500 cubic feet. It holds up to 200 pounds of stones, and is fully constructed of stainless steel.

Harvia Cilindro Electric Sauna Heater

Harvia Virta Series Stainless Steel Electric Sauna Heater

The Virta series is known for its simple, clean look and practical design. It’s unobtrusive and would fit in with any sauna aesthetic. It comes in 4 sizes, serving saunas from 300 to 635 cubic feet.

With its clean and compact design, it doesn’t have any onboard controls, so you’ll need to purchase the separate Xenio wall-mounted control panel. Many users like this as they can place the controls in a location that’s convenient and stylistically preferable.

It holds 110 pounds of stones for nice even heat. It’s also known for its ability to heat up quickly, which means you’ll be able to enjoy more sessions in less time.

The circular design is really eye-catching, and lends itself to some really cool installations. Some integrate the heater right into your seating, others place it to one of the sides of the sauna.

Harvia Virta Electric Sauna Heater

Harvia Cilindro Series Stainless Steel Electric Sauna Heater

This Cilindro has all of the features of the above model with a few exceptions. This unit has no onboard controls, meaning that you’ll need to purchase the separate Xenio wall mounted control to operate your sauna. This may be preferable to those who want a higher level of control in the panel, and would prefer an easier to access interface.

This Cilindro is available in 6,8,9 and 10.5kW sizes covering saunas from 300 to 636 cubic feet. It can also hold 200 pounds of stones. Water can be thrown on the sides or top depending on how much steam you want!

Harvia Cilindro Electric Sauna Control w/ Xenio Control

Harvia Club Series Stainless Steel Electric Sauna Heater

The Harvia Club Series is among the best commercial electric sauna heaters. It can be used in commercial locations where the sauna will be used all day or by larger groups of bathers.

It comes in three sizes: 10kW, 12.5kW, and 15kW, covering saunas in size from 388 to 989 cubic feet. It holds an impressive 135 pounds for even and smooth heat.

The unit is clean and pleasant looking in a sturdy stainless steel finish. You’ll need the Xenio control panel as an accessory which can be mounted anywhere you like.

Harvia Club Series Electric Sauna Heater

Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater With Built-In Control

The KIP is a traditional-style, workhorse, do-it-all, no frills, all thrills, electric sauna heater. The control panel is built right into the bottom of the unit for easy operation. You can set a 1-hour timer for auto shut off, or an 8-hour delay so it will be ready to use whenever you are.

You’ll need to know the size of your sauna before purchasing.  Give us a call if you're unsure which one is best for you - we're happy to help! 

This model comes in 4 different wattages to match sauna sizes anywhere from 130 to 425 cubic feet. The KIP uses up to 45 pounds of stones, which are sold separately.  Oh, and another nice feature is the protective grill over the stones.

Harvia KIP Electric Sauna Heater


Whatever you choose to go with, know that when you purchase a Harvia sauna heater you're buying over 70 years of experience and dedication directly from the country that invented sauna bathing, Finland! 


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