How To Build Your Own Steam Room at Home

Create Your Own Steam Room

If you're a wellness enthusiast, you already understand the benefits of steaming, such as helping with relaxation, relieving respiratory issues, and even improving sleep quality.

Enjoying these benefits may seem far out of reach for people who can't get to a sauna. But that simply isn't true.

In fact, you can use a Mr. Steam steam generator to create a steamy oasis in your very own home.

But exactly how can you create a steam room at home?

Well, you can convert your everyday shower room to a stem room by adding a steam generator and steam head. Or, you can engage a contractor and build your steam room from scratch. Really, it's up to you.

How Steam Generators Work

In a nutshell, steam generators use a digital steam shower control unit to heat water and generate steam vapor.

They do so by passing water through a narrow spiral tube, once, under high pressure. Once the water becomes steam, it is released through the steam head into the steam room.

But you needn't undergo a long process before enjoying a steam shower. Once the generator is installed correctly, you'll only need to flip a switch to get your steam shower going. How fantastic is that?

And, some steam generator packages like the Mr. Steam eSeries 10kW Steam Bath Generator also include calming scents and lighting which can make stress relief more effective.

Mr. Steam eSeries 10kW Steam Bath Generator - 240V

With this understanding, how will a steam generator aid your first approach to steam room building, converting the shower?

Method 1: Turn Your Shower Into A Steam Room

It's fairly simple to turn your shower into a steam room. However, you will likely need help from a contractor or plumber.

Turning your shower into a steam room requires specialized knowledge; from the materials to use to how to connect the steam generator and even the best place to install it. (You can't place the generator outside.)

Moreover, a professional contractor can guarantee quality work, and they can do it efficiently without making mistakes. It's better to stick with working with professionals and get it right the first time around.

The basic components to create a steam shower in your bathroom include:

  • The steam stall
  • Steam generator
  • System control
  • Steam head

While you can certainly buy steam shower kits, it can be challenging to put it together all by yourself.

You can simplify things by hiring a contractor who can guide you on choosing the best materials for construction, waterproofing, and placing an efficient drainage system.

More than hashing out how high the stall needs to be and other technical details, it's easier for the contractor to engage other professionals like plumbers or electricians that they work with.

For instance, you'll need an electrician to connect the shower control to an external steam generator so you can turn the steam shower on at the flip of a switch.

But it's not just about the functional bits.

The packages at Sun Valley Saunas include music, optional calming lighting effects, and aromatic infusers that can elevate your steam shower experience.

In terms of lighting, research by Takahiko, Yuka, and Midori found that colors like dark gray, yellow, and yellow green can calm negative emotions.

Had a bad day at work? Jump into your steam room, turn on yellow lighting, start the shower and retire the day and its woes.

steam showers itempo square whiteglass

Method 2: Build a Dedicated Steam Room

To build a steam room, you must follow a similar process as building a steam shower out of your home shower. However, a steam room requires a larger dedicated space.

It's also more involving as you must carefully consider the materials to use. They must be able to withstand very high temperatures and not absorb water.

For instance, you can't use a natural stone like marble as it's porous and will change colour over time. Who wants to use a discoloured steam room a few years down the line? Not us.

There's also the very real chance of mold growing in the room, which, besides the health risks it poses, isn't a good look.

You must also consider placing a floor drainage system and for these reasons, it's best to design and build the steam room from scratch.

But there's a way to simplify the process. Engage a building contractor. Why? Well, they can easily engage specialists like electricians and plumbers and ensure they do quality work.

For instance, your steam room will require wiring to be done on equipment, piping to transport water to the generator and the faucet, and a frame to enclose the steam room.

A building contractor is better placed to find an electrician, plumber, and carpenter, to complete these tasks.

How to Decide on the Best Steam Room Size

Lassi a. Liikkanen, author of The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design, and a sauna designer, says that to determine room sizing, one must consider how many people will be using the room at once.

In addition to thinking of the dimensions—width, depth, and height—of the room, consider the human body. How far can a man or woman of average height reach with outstretched arms? What's their average height?

Whatever the case, try to keep the height of your room to 7 feet or below.

According to research by MrSteam, the smallest steam room size to fit one person must be 3 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 7 feet high.

However, the size can vary depending on your desired steam room size. Below is a table highlighting steam room sizes and the number of people they can hold.

Steam Room Size in ft. (Length x Width x Height) Number of people
6.23 x 4.27 x 7 4
4.27 x 3.94 x 7 2
5.66 x 3.03 x 7 2
6.23 x 6.23 x 7 6

If your steam room is quite big, you're better off including an air-tight door. If you have a smaller steam room, you can get away with just a small gap that allows airflow.

Choosing the Right Generator Size

You must get a generator size that's right for your space.

If you get a smaller generator than is needed, the steam will cool down before it ever reaches you—meaning you don't get any of the benefits you wanted from building a steam room in the first place.

To get the right generator size, calculate the cubic footage of your room by multiplying the length, width, and height of the steam room.

For example, to get the cubic feet for the steam room in the first cell above, we'll multiply 6.33 by 4.27 and by 7. The result is 186.217 cubic feet.

Generally, you can stick to the generator sizes covered in the table below, based on your room size. We've also included our generator recommendations from Sun Valley Saunas.

Room Size in Cubic Feet Steam Generator Size Recommended Steam Generator
0-100 5kW eSeries 5kW Steam Bath Generator - 240V
101-250 7.5kW eSeries 7.5kW Steam Bath Generator - 240V
251-300 10kW Mr. Steam eSeries 10kW Steam Bath Generator - 240V

You can also use a steam generator size calculator to make it easier, as most calculators will adjust the size depending on the materials used in the steam room.

Installing and Connecting Your Steam Generator

Always try to stick to this guideline: Don't install the steam generator anywhere where the temperature rises above 104 degrees or is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Very high temperatures will surely damage the equipment while low temperatures will cause the water to freeze inside the generator tubes.

You also must never place the generator outside. Here are a few points where you may place your steam generator:

  • Inside an equipment room
  • Under a vanity
  • On a wall

To complete the installation, a qualified electrician must connect a control panel end to the circuit board inside the generator. Then connect another end to the control cable inside the steam room.

Sun Valley Saunas provides several steam room control kit options which we explore in the next section.

The Best Control Kit Options From Sun Valley Saunas

The table below highlights the best control kit options for steam generators to help you choose the best one.

AirButler® Max Linear AirButler® Max iButler® Max Linear Butler® Linear
Control type AirTempo® (Wireless, Surface mount, Black) AirTempo® (Wireless, Surface mount) iSteam® 3 Touch Screen iTempoPlus™ (Round/Square)
Number and type of SteamHead (2) 16" Linear SteamHeads (2) Aroma Glass SteamHead (2) 16" Linear SteamHeads (1) 16" Linear SteamHead
Compatibility with generator models MS90E to MSSUPER3E MS90E to MSSUPER3E MX4E to MX6E MS90E to MSSUPER3E
Best for Individuals who appreciate sleek designs Users looking to upgrade their steam shower and blend luxury and functionality Ideal for families or where there are multiple users Individuals/small households

Pro Tip: Steam generators operate within specific temperature ranges. Install your steam generator where temperatures stay between 40ºF and 104ºF.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Use A Steam Room or Steam Shower?

Anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing can use a steam room or steam shower.

This includes adults who have a cold or high blood pressure. For people with a congested chest or cold, nothing beats the feeling of an open airway after a steam shower session.

Moreover, steam rooms create a very calming environment which helps reduce the heart rate in hypertensive patients.

It's very helpful for athletes and people who work out frequently, as they may have sore muscles a lot of the time. Having a timed session in the steam room after exercising can definitely soothe your joints and help you recover before visiting the gym again.

2. What's the Difference Between a Sauna and a Steam Room?

While the difference may seem quite obvious, here is a side-by-side comparison between a sauna and steam room:

Aspect Sauna Steam Room
Type of Heat Dry Heat Wet Heat
Source of Heat Electric or wood-burning stove Steam generator
Temperature Range and Humidity Higher temperature with no humidity Moderate temperature with high humidity
Skin benefits Can improve your skin tone Can hydrate and improve skin elasticity

Did You Know? Steam rooms lower your ability to sweat, unlike saunas, which intensify your sweating. The droplets on your skin in a steam room are condensation from humid air rather than from sweating.

3. What Size Steam Shower or Steam Room Should I Build?

The size of your steam shower or room depends on a few factors, the main one being the amount of space you have. Other factors that would determine the size of your steam shower or room are:

Factor Small room (8ft x 6ft) Medium room (10ft x 8ft) Large room (12ft x 10ft)
Personal preference Limited customization options available due to limited space Offers a balance between customization and utilization of space More customization options are available as there is ample space
Construction type Optimizing the layout for efficiency may be necessary Flexible layout and design options given that efficiency is not such a huge factor Extensive freedom as there are more design and layout possibilities
Budget Pocket-friendly as a result of the smaller size Moderate cost as there is a middle ground between features and price Higher prices allow for additional luxurious features

4. Is Building a Steam Shower Expensive?

It will cost you differently depending on the materials you choose and the components required to build your steam room. For instance, if you don't have a steam shower already installed, it'll cost less.

Let's imagine you're remodelling a 120-square-foot bathroom without a steam shower. Roughly, it will cost you $24,000. You will spend about $6,000 to $8,400 more in labour costs.

However, if you already have a steam shower, you'll only have to part with $30,595. You will be charged an extra $7,700 to $10,700 for labour.

You can bring your building costs lower by getting a high-quality Mr. Steam generator from Sun Valley Saunas. We offer very competitive prices.

Sun Valley Saunas has 100+ 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. Find out why other buyers love our steam generators now.

What Next?

If you've settled on a generator to create your own steam room, now consider our selection of best-selling steam generators.

Did you know we've had an A- BBB rating since 2021? Join over a hundred buyers today and explore our best-selling Mr. Steam steam generators.

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