How To Create Your Own Steam Room


Steaming and heating your body is one of the best things you can do for it. There are so many benefits to steaming and it can do different things for everyone. Steaming can help relieve stress, it can relieve allergies, promote restful sleep, cleanse the skin, improve circulation, and burn calories. The benefits exceed wellness too as a steam shower can be more energy and cost-efficient than a normal shower as you’re generating steam instead of running hot water for your long showers. 

Like sauna bathing, steam bathing is a wellness practice that has been around for a very long time, and it's no longer an unattainable luxury!  With a little DIY effort and a Mr. Steam steam generator to create your steam oasis in your own home. Whether you simply wish to turn your shower into a steam room, or build your own standalone steam room, a steam generator from Mr. Steam can be used to create your steam dreams.  


Steam Shower


How Steam Generators Work 

Typically using a digital steam shower control unit, steam generators heat water to produce steam under forced pressure in a single vessel. Using submerged heating elements, water is pressurized and converted into steam when heated to a boil under the pressure. Steam generators work well for situations that require on-demand steam, such as in a steam shower. They are easy to start up and are typically small enough to be placed almost anywhere. 

Steam generators don’t use any combustible fuel and they don’t consume any energy while not in use. Mr. Steam steam generators are around the size of a briefcase, however, there are several size options to fit the space for your project. The generator can be installed as far as 60 feet away from the shower or steam room, anywhere that is dry and heated and out of sight. These generators are perfect for turning your shower into a steam shower or building your own steam room in your home.

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Turn Your Shower Into A Steam Room 

The design of a steam shower is fairly simple. In order to turn your shower into a steam room, you may need some help from professionals. A professional will be able to help find the best spot for the steam generator and provide all the necessary products. Sun Valley Saunas can help you find the best Mr. Steam steam generator for your shower and other essentials to make your shower into the steam shower of your dreams. 

The basic components to create a steam shower in your bathroom includes the steam stall, a steam generator, the system control, and a steam head. You can purchase the whole steam shower package as a kit to make it easy.  You may need to hire a contractor to help to your shower in a steam stall. You’ll want to take into consideration the materials used, the waterproofing of the stall, slip-proofing, slope and drain, and the height of the stall. Installing a steam shower isn’t exactly something you can DIY, but it’s still attainable. 

An electrician will also be needed for the system control to be installed. The shower is controlled from inside and the system needs to connect to the steam generator so you can simply click a button or flip and switch in order to the steam going. Music, lighting, and aromatherapy controls can also be added to the control system to make your steam shower even more luxurious. You can easily purchase aroma steam essential oils and control kits from  Sun Valley Saunas.


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Building A Steam Room 

Building a steam room using a Mr. Steam steam generator is a similar process as building a steam shower out of your home shower, however, a steam room requires more space to be dedicated to it. A steam room typically needs to be designed and built from scratch. You’ll need a small area anywhere between four and six feet, but the size can vary depending on your desired steam room size. 

First, the steam room needs to have an air-tight door if the room is going to a bigger, but for smaller steam rooms there can be a very small gap in order to allow for airflow. Each steam room will require a steam generator that is the right size for the space. The most important thing to remember when it comes to the placement of the steam generator is that it shouldn’t be placed where it can be exposed to colder temperatures. 

Once the generator is in place, there will need to be an electrical link to it. The generator needs to be linked to a control system, which is usually located inside the steam room, similar to a steam shower. Sun Valley Saunas provides several steam room control kit options.


1. Who Can Use A Steam Room or Steam Shower? 

Most people can use a steam shower or steam room as it can be beneficial to all people’s health and wellness. However, young children and pregnant woman should not use a steam shower. There are also some health conditions which may disable you from using a steam shower or room. Check with your doctor before use if you have any health conditions.


2. What's the Difference Between a Sauna and a Steam Room? 

The difference is quite simple and obvious. The steam of a steam room operates on water and produce a wet heat. Saunas produce a dry heat and typically run at higher temperatures.


3. What Size Steam Shower or Steam Room Should I Build? 

The size of your steam shower or room is dependent on a few factors, the main one being the amount of space you have available. If the size of your shower is smaller, then your steam shower’s size will be limited to that size. However, if you’re building your steam room from scratch, the size of your steam room can be as small or as large as the space you are choosing to put it.


4. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Steam Shower? 

The cost to build a steam shower varies as there are many different features and factors to consider that can affect the cost. Steam generators alone can range from $800 to $8,000 depending on size and capability.

However, Sun Valley Saunas provides competitive prices on high quality Mr. Steam steam generators.


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