The Revolutionary Infrared Sauna Blanket For Ultimate Relaxation

Here at Sun Valley Saunas, we offer a wide range of saunas, including infrared, outdoor, and barrel saunas. We're also big fans of infrared sauna blankets.

The infrared sauna blanket isn't just one of our new favorites: it's a pretty perfect mix of old and new. It's no surprise that the sauna blanket is becoming increasingly popular. 

Sauna blankets let you enjoy the benefits and relaxation of an infrared sauna session right in your own home. They can be great options for those who dwell in small spaces, and for people who travel a lot. You don't have to build an addition or give up a bathroom to enjoy an at-home sauna session: just get a blanket! They also cost less than full-size infrared saunas, and have the additional perk of being portable. (Most sauna blankets also come with a carry bag.)

Sauna Blanket Basics

But what is an infrared sauna blanket?

Like other infrared sauna products, the infrared sauna blanket creates small heating zones. Sauna blankets allow you to enjoy sitting in that high temperature range, and provide all of the health benefits that other saunas do.

Here are some fun facts about infrared sauna blankets:

A Blanket Experience

The infrared sauna blanket is in a way the love child of the traditional sauna, which goes back for thousands of years, and a much newer invention: the electric blanket. 

Dr. Sidney Russell invented the first electric blanket back in 1912, simply to keep his patients warm. The public remained pretty much uninterested until the 1920's, when a British company started manufacturing them, and people realized they didn’t have to shiver at night anymore.Since then, the electric blanket has gone through several upgrades, and they continue to be sold all over the world. 

That brings us to their high-tech descendant: the infrared sauna blanket. (The extended family tree would also include disposable thermal wraps, but that's another topic.)

Heat Blankets Appeared In Children's Books .... Sort Of

Electric blankets also made an appearance in the kids' book Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. The book relates the tale of a farmers' cows who find an old typewriter in the barn, and use it to write letters to their farmer, listing certain demands. 

One of the things included? Electric blankets. At first, Farmer Brown refused. The cows weren't having it: they stopped producing milk. The hens even get on board, and refuse to lay eggs until they too had electric blankets.

So what does this have to do with today's super modern infrared sauna blankets? 

When even cartoon farm animals know that there is something special about being wrapped in a warming blanket, you know they're on to something!

And while Farmer Brown's bovine buddies may not have understood the benefits of sauna blankets, they clearly enjoyed being wrapped in a heated blanket.

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They've Been In Movies … Sort Of

In the 1987 film, The Brave Little Toaster, and its sequels, the main character, Blankie, is a yellow electric blanket. He becomes quite friendly with a Toaster and, later, Lampy and Radio.

Heating blankets also appeared in some classics.

In My Dinner With Andre, the main character mentions them over the course of the infamous dinner, saying: "But I think the main thing, Wally, is that I think that kind of comfort just separates you from reality in a very direct way. I mean, if you don't have that electric blanket, and your apartment is cold, and you need to put on another blanket, or go into the closet and pile up coats on top of the blankets you have. Well, then you know it's cold.”

A woman in an infrared sauna blanket

Andre then comments: "Turn on that electric blanket, and it's like taking a tranquilizer. I think you enter the dream world again."

We're pretty sure Andre would have approved of the infrared sauna blanket.

Sauna Or Sauna Blanket?

Electric blankets and sauna blankets do overlap a bit, in that both include heating elements, and offer health perks, in that they can relax you and improve circulation and metabolism. 

However, the purpose of electric blankets is to keep you warm on those toasty nights. And they definitely aren't interchangeable with sauna blankets, which are designed to create a hot, self-contained environment, which is suitable for short periods of time.

Sauna blankets reach higher temperatures, use infrared heat and are designed for shorter sessions. They’re also a much more powerful tool for wellness care than a regular blanket.

Survey Says ... Thumbs Up

Many different agencies have done research on the benefits of sauna and infrared sauna therapy. While there isn't as much data on the infrared sauna blanket, it essentially utilizes the same technology as infrared saunas. 

Many different groups and agencies have done research on the benefits of sauna. 

These include:

  • The National Institute Of Health
  • Harvard University
  • The Mayo Clinic
  • American Physiological Society
  • University of South Australia.

Various findings and studies have made quite a wave, and have been discussed and referred to in many magazines and newspapers, such as USA Today, Science Direct, and British GQ. (More on that later.) The New York Times has even reported on their benefits!

An Infrared Sauna Blanket Offers The Same Benefits As Sauna Bathing

The list of health benefits of sauna bathing is pretty impressive. People are often amazed to learn about the advantages of infrared saunas.

Here are a few of the key ones:

  • Improved blood pressure.
  • Improved lung function.
  • Reduced pain.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Reduced muscle soreness.
  • Accelerated recovery.
  • Improved heart health.
  • Better brain function.
  • Increased calorie burn.
  • Improved stamina.
  • Reduced joint pain

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Infrared sauna is also helpful in treating arthritis, chronic fatigue, and cold symptoms, not to mention stress.


Infrared Blankets: Best Of Both Worlds

There's quite a bit of information showing the benefits of sauna use. We've also known for a while that electric blankets are soothing and relaxing.

But what about infrared blankets?

Turns out, they may very well be the best of both worlds.

Sauna blankets offer the same health benefits as traditional or Finnish sauna, as well as the additional benefits of incorporating far infrared rays. 

Plus … they're portable! You don't have to give up room in your house for a blanket. You can take your infrared sauna blanket with you when traveling, and use it in whatever room you like.

Woman in a purple infrared sauna blanket

Temperature Settings

Saunas typically reach a temperature that is between 158 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. That's pretty hot! An infrared sauna or infrared sauna blanket heating zone would usually be around 120 and 140 degrees. Many people find that lower temperature range more tolerable.

Because they are so small and portable, infrared sauna blankets may also have advantages over a full-sized infrared sauna, particularly for those who don't have the room or permission to install an infrared sauna.

Infrared Sauna Use: Athletic Endorsements

Many public—or semi-public—saunas are at gyms. That's no coincidence. Using a sauna post-workout can really help ease muscle recovery and reduce soreness. Essentially, when your core body temperature is raised, your muscles. That’s a great way to take care of your body after a hard workout.

Plus, the heat in a sauna triggers the release of endorphins, which also help fight soreness and arthritic pain.

Many professional athletes are devoted sauna users. Surfer Laird Hamilton, for instance, incorporates regular sauna use in his fitness and self-care regimen, saying: "Sauna is one of the best investments you can make towards your health. Not only do you burn calories, increase your metabolism and lose fat, but it just makes you feel better.”

The infrared sauna blanket offers those same benefits.

Sauna Blankets: Self Care In A Carry Bag

For many, the acquisition of an infrared sauna blanket can be a game changer. 

You can use the sauna blanket in your bedroom, on your patio, or at that Airbnb you rented. That means you get the health benefits of the infrared sauna with a few cool perks!

And, because you can use an infrared sauna blanket at home, in a hotel, or, well, anywhere, it's easier than ever to carve out that critical self care time that benefits your mind, body, and soul.

Purple sauna blanket

Infrared Blankets: Heating Up Your Chill Time

Speaking of mind, body, and soul, it’s important to find ways to battle that stress we’re all feeling these days. 

There's a lot to be said for simple comfort and relaxation. A good infrared sauna blanket can basically work as both a comfy blanket and a bona-fide heat healer. 

Sauna blankets can also offer a perfect post-workout wind down. You can put that yoga mat away, pre heat your blanket, and can adjust the heat settings to the perfect level, then relax and watch TV while the blanket eases your tight muscles.

You could almost think of it as a magical sleeping bag. (Just don’t stay in it overnight!)

Sauna Use Is Olympic Endorsed

The University of South Australia's lead researcher, Dr. Sam Tebeck, is also an advocate for sauna use.

He spoke of their benefits ahead of the 2021 Olympics, and stated that sauna treatments are essential tools for the Australian team, noting: “Our research shows that athletes who exercised in cool conditions, followed by seated rest in the sauna, experienced the most positive body changes to improve exercise performance."

Sauna Blankets Are Good For Blood Flow

One of the better-known benefits of sauna use is improved blood circulation. That helps increase protein muscle synthesis, which aids in muscle growth, which is of course linked to overall improved fitness.

Studies indicate that even just having five post-exercise sauna sessions may be effective. However, for full benefits, you’d want to go for 14 or more sauna sessions. 

That applies both to professional athletes and the average Joe.

An At Home Sweat Session Is Good For The Heart

Saunas are also effective in lowering blood pressure and in improving cardiovascular health overall. In fact, they're used as therapy for heart patients in Japan. We really can’t overstate how powerful that can be.

The heat of the typical temperature range in a sauna raises body (and skin) temperature, which triggers heavy sweating. In fact, just sitting in one for a few minutes can result in about a pint of sweat being produced. That's because your heart will pump faster to keep the body and blood cool. Over the course of your session, your heart rate may go up to as much as 150 bpm. This is very similar to what would happen in a low to moderate level workout, and actually benefits the entire body!

An infrared sauna blanket is self-care in a high-tech sleeping bag!

A woman laying inside an infrared sauna blanket

They've Gone High Fashion

If an animated toaster or a cartoon barnyard protest didn't quite convince you, well, the infrared sauna blanket is also becoming all the rage among models and actresses. Fashion magazine Elle recently published a piece on their use.

In the piece Is The Higherdose Infrared Sauna Blanket Worth It?, which was published in November 2022, writer Roxanne Adamiyatt had this to say:

"It's the perfect—and most relaxing—complement to a brisk walk and an at-home workout. On Sundays, it makes for a great way to unwind and hit re-set for the week ahead. When I do it on a regular basis, I find that it seriously helps with aches and pains, and it's said to help with muscle recovery; and because it gets your heart rate up, you burn some extra calories. Also, I can highly suggest hopping into the sauna blanket in the morning. You emerge revitalized, wide awake, and oh-so relaxed. No caffeine necessary!"

She also coined the term sweat burrito, which is pretty brilliant.

Sauna Blanket: Not Just A Trend

We've all seen fitness trends come and go. (Anyone remember step aerobics? The trans fat debacle? The ping-ponging of eggs from healthy to unhealthy and back?)

Saunas have stood the test of time, perhaps more than any other self-care tool. The fact that they've been used for thousands of years truly speaks to their effectiveness. Otherwise, they'd have gone the way of the stone chisel.

Various studies have linked sauna use to reducing insomnia, lowering inflammation, improving blood pressure and brain function, and reducing pain.

The best sauna blankets have only built on those benefits. They've also added a few more.

Making Your Home Into A Spa With A Sauna Blanket

A woman sitting beside an infrared sauna blanket

Infrared sauna blankets can definitely bring your nightly unwinding time to the next level.

You don't have to go to a gym or spa, or rack up fees with frequent sauna sessions. You can just relax, soak into the sauna blanket experience, and let your day go.

No matter whether your goal is to lose weight, battle chronic pain, get better sleep, reduce muscle pain, soothe body aches, improve your blood flow, or just relax and let all the infrared heat soothe you ... the infrared sauna blanket assists in all of these things. 

Plus, it lets you bring a spa experience into your home.

You'll still get the main benefits of a sauna session. But the infrared sauna blanket is lightweight and portable. You can watch TV while using it, and can adjust the heat and timer settings with a remote control, rather than having to get up or get out. (The best infrared sauna blankets have arm holes, which are also very convenient for drinking water.) 

You do want to do some research, though. The best infrared sauna blankets are made from high-quality materials. Most sauna blankets also come with a carry bag.

Why Use An Infrared Sauna Blanket?

The ten biggest advantages to using infrared infrared sauna or sauna blanket include pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, detoxification, deep relaxation too, improved circulation, weight loss, skin purification, lowered side effects of diabetes, boosting of the immune system, and last but not least, lowering of blood pressure. 

It's also worth pointing out that infrared saunas are a better option for some who do not tolerate high heat well, even for short periods. The lower temperatures in an infrared sauna mean that they can be used more comfortably, and by more people, than traditional saunas.

So, now we've learned a whole bunch of good things that sauna can do for your health.

But what can infrared sauna not do?

Sauna use won't cure chronic conditions, though it may relieve symptoms. There are also conditions that it may not have any effect on at all, such as gastrointestinal issues. 

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Infrared Waves Are Pretty Cool

As the name suggests, infrared saunas and infrared sauna blankets both use infrared light. These aren't the only things that do, however. Everything puts out heat and light … even ice cubes, believe it or not! 

Infrared rays are a much bigger part of our lives than you may have realized.

About half of the energy we get from the sun is in the form of IR rays, which can travel through dust, fog, and smoke. 

They also penetrate the surface of the skin. This one reason infrared saunas are particularly effective. IR sauna sessions have also been linked to improvements in a variety of skin issues, ranging from psoriasis to acne. It's also been shown to help heal surgical scars.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: human skin can 'see' infrared waves. 

You may be wondering … do infrared rays age skin? Actually, studies indicate that infrared light can help increase the cell-renewal process. It's also been associated with stimulating production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. There's also evidence suggesting that it may have an anti-aging effect on the skin.

Infrared Saunas Are All The Rage

The fashion industry seems to have gone all-in on saunas. They've been an off-and-on Instagram trend for years, taking their places among the ranks of fads like salt lamps and matcha teas.  Lea Michele, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jenifer Aniston are also big fans.

Sauna blankets just add a new twist!

Infrared Waves Help Us Regulate Temperature

Have you ever noticed that you can be chilly at a certain temperature in winter, but hot at that same exact temperature, in summer?

Infrared waves play a role here as well. In summer, everything around you radiates far infrared light waves from that sunshine, The ultimate result? Your body feels warmer.

We Send Each Other Infrared Waves

When you sleep next to your loved one, you're actually both transmitting and receiving infrared waves. This also happens when you snuggle with your pets!

Infrared sauna blanket sessions also relax you, and just help you slow your thoughts after a hectic day. It's important to take time for yourself!

Infrared Rays Offer Sensory Information

We all remember Predator, right? The bloodthirsty alien hunted using a heat spectrum. Snakes and fish use similar sensory information to hunt and evade other hunters. 

Weather satellites also incorporate infrared technology in their imaging systems, which help their temperature settings provide information about things like cloud density and height.

Many People Ask The Same Questions About The Sauna Blankets

Okay, we've had some fun with electric blankets and saunas in pop culture, but we also want to be informative, and make sure our clients' concerns are answered.

Here are a few things you may want to know about infrared sauna blankets:

Is Infrared Sauna anti inflammatory?

Here's a question many people ask: is infrared sauna anti inflammatory?

The answer, in most cases, is yes. The increase in circulation and reduction in soreness are directly linked to eased pain and reduced inflammation. This is one reason that sauna use is so popular with athletes, as it helps with muscle recovery.

Keep in mind that, for practical purposes, the infrared sauna blanket functions just the same as an infrared sauna: it's just smaller and more portable.

 What are the disadvantages of infrared sauna blankets?

The negative side effects of using an infrared sauna blanket tend to be mild and temporary. 

Most people will find infrared sauna blankets safe, relaxing, and beneficial. The main three harmful effects of using infrared sauna blankets include heat intolerance, light-headedness, and claustrophobia. Some people also experience leg pain or airway irritation. 

What Are Three Harmful Effects Of Infrared Sauna Blankets?

The three most common harmful effects of infrared sauna use are dizziness, heat intolerance, and simple dehydration. Dehydration of course can be prevented simply by drinking lots of water before and after using an infrared sauna blanket.

Most people feel no harmful effects. Like typical infrared saunas, sauna blankets are considered extremely safe. They also come with remote control, timer settings, and built in arm holes, so you can customize your sweat session, and enjoy a bona-fide sauna experience from the comfort of your own home.

That said, infrared sauna blanket use may not be right for everyone. If you are pregnant or nursing, have low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, or other chronic conditions, just check with your doctor first. This also applies to those with joint injuries which are still swollen, metal rods or joint replacements, conditions that impede sweating, and/or fever.

How Do I Choose The Best Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Please contact us here at Sun Valley Saunas with any questions about choosing an infrared sauna or an infrared sauna blanket. We are proud to offer the Higherdose blanket, as well as many other sauna options.

We are happy to help our customers find the best infrared sauna blankets for them. 

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