Introducing the Huum Cliff and Huum Steel Electric Sauna Heaters

Huum is certainly making some of the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing electric sauna heaters on the market.  The Huum Drop sauna heaters have been the most popular electric sauna heaters we sell since their introduction to the U.S. market last year.  The Hive and Hive Wood heaters have been extremely popular too, and are great for outdoor saunas or larger saunas.  

Huum is now introducing the Cliff and Steel electric sauna heaters, which have been made with small at home saunas in mind.  The Cliff Mini and Steel Mini, especially, have extremely low profiles that work really well with saunas in the 180-230 cubic foot range.  For those of you who may have converted a closet or small shed into a sauna, these are perfect.  

The Cliff Mini sauna heater has a depth of only 6 inches and requires a safety distance of only 60MM.  That means your knees can get about as close to the Cliff Mini as is humanly possible without burning yourself.   The Cliff and Steel electric sauna heaters both come in 3.5kW, 6kW, 9kW and 10.5kW models and are both compatible with the UKU WiFi Electric Sauna Controller so you can turn your sauna on right from your phone.  

Huum Cliff 10.5kW Electric Sauna Heater

Huum Cliff Electric Sauna Heater

Huum Steel 10.5kW Electric Sauna Heater 

Huum Steel 10.5kW Electric Sauna Heater


  • Slim design
  • Suitable for use in saunas with limited space
  • Small safety distances
  • Heats up to 25% faster due to internal air duct
  • Removable rib(s) for more accurate stacking of stones
  • Direct contact between stones and heating elements
  • More exposed stones create a longer and milder heat
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel, industrial quality heating elements
  • Floor model
  • Designed, engineered and made in Estonia


If you're looking for an electric sauna heater for your small at-home sauna, perhaps a closet you converted into a sauna, the Huum Cliff or Steel sauna heater may be perfect for you.  Feel free to give us a call with any of your questions.  One of our sauna experts would be more than happy to help! 


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