Summer Time and the Sauna's Easy

When we think of hopping into a hot sauna we usually don't associate it with summer time.  We think of cold weather, winter and snow.  And for good reason! Alternating between a steaming sauna and making snow angels after a day of skiing is one of the greatest things you can do.  But the benefits of taking a sauna are the same throughout the year, including the summer.  Some of those benefits are increased cardiovascular function, flushing out harmful toxins and metals, and soothing muscles and de-stressing after a rough day or a hard work out.  None of those benefits are exclusive to fall or winter.  And if you're someone who spends more time running, hiking or biking outside in the summer you may find that spending a half hour in a home sauna after your workout really eases those aches and pains.  

So, as you enjoy your summer sauna sessions, remember to keep the following things in mind: 

  • Drink tons of water.  This is always important, but staying hydrated is even more important in the summer as your body may stay hotter longer and you may sweat more after you get out of the sauna.  Bring a big bottle of water with ice and drink it down as you sweat, or just dump it on your head!
  • Longer Cool Downs.  As you're body is staying hotter longer outside of the sauna, make sure to give it the time it needs to properly cool down.  Jumping in a pool or lake between sauna sessions is amazing in the summer if you have those options available.  
  • Shorter Sauna Sessions.  Again, you're going to start off a little warmer than you would in the winter or fall so pay attention to your body and when you're feeling overheated jump out for a long cool down.  For us here at SVS that usually means 15-20 minute sessions as opposed to our long 45 minute winter sessions.    
  • No Alcohol.  Save the drinks for celebrating your sauna session after it's over.  You don't want to dehydrate yourself while in the sauna so set your drinks aside and wait until you're in your final pool or lake cool down.  

Infrared saunas can be a great option in the summer as they don't as hot as traditional saunas.  They only get up to about 145° F.  We carry some great outdoor infrared home saunas that hold up against the elements all year long.  Some of my personal favorites are the Enlighten Rustic and Enlighten Sierra models. 

If you live on a lake or near the ocean, though, nothing beats a traditional barrel sauna.  Dundalk saunas are great traditional options that look cool, hold up to hot weather and snow and just pair really nicely with a cold lake! 

What are some of your summer sauna routines?  Any pics of your home sauna set up? We'd love to hear from you! 

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