Traditional Sauna

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Definition of Traditional Sauna

It’s a wooden room containing heater stones that create a dry environment to help you relax. To accomplish this, it heats the air in the sauna which then causes you to sweat.

Usually, it’ll also contain a bucket and ladle which you can use to pour water over the sauna stones and create steam.

In addition to an aroma set, a traditional sauna may also contain a:

  • Thermometer to measure the temperature in the sauna
  • Hygrometer to measure the humidity level
  • Sand timer to keep track of the time

It’s the perfect sauna for users who can tolerate REALLY high heat as it can get very hot—the temperature ranges from 65°C to 80°C compared to 45°C to 60°C for an infrared sauna. Some traditional saunas, like wood-burning saunas, can get as hot as 90°C.

For the heat source, a traditional sauna can use either wood or an electric heater. So it’s not uncommon to hear of an electric or wood-burning sauna simply referred to as a traditional sauna.

Wood-burning saunas get hotter than electric saunas so if you prefer high heat that’s what you should buy.

Golden Designs Hanko 2-Person Traditional Sauna

Example of “Traditional Sauna” in a sentence

Nothing beats the feeling of using a traditional sauna after a stressful day.

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