The Best 2-Person Infrared Saunas (Updated 2024)

Person Infrared Saunas

If you like to use infrared saunas with a partner there are two ways you can do this. One way is to go to the spa for weekly sessions and the other is to buy a 2-person infrared sauna.

If you choose to go to a spa, you’ll need to work out a reliable schedule and incur transportation costs in addition to the cost of the sessions.

On the other hand, with your indoor 2-person infrared sauna, you can have your sessions any time you want without enduring commutes, you can have sessions often, and you can choose the sauna that’s best suited for your needs.

Going to the spa is limiting while owning an infrared sauna in 2024 is insanely convenient.

We’d like to help you choose the best 2-person sauna for your home by highlighting the:

Most Compact Design Best Visibility & Style Premium Wood & Great Smell Uniform Heating (No Cold Spots)
Barcelona Infrared Sauna Maxxus Seattle Infrared Sauna SunRay Cordova Infrared Sauna Santiago Infrared Sauna
Barcelona Infrared Sauna Maxxus Seattle Infrared Sauna SunRay Cordova Infrared Sauna Santiago Infrared Sauna

- Covers just over a square yard - Glass door
- 2 glass windows
- Canadian Red Cedar wood - 7 carbon infrared heaters

1. Dynamic Saunas Barcelona Infrared Sauna

Most Compact Design for Small Spaces

The Barcelona Infrared Sauna is a no-brainer for anyone who’s working with a small room space.

It measures 39" in width, and 36" in depth, and only covers a footprint of 9.75 square feet. That’s just a little over a square yard.

Basically, you can tuck this sauna in a bedroom corner. It takes about the same footprint that a coffee table would.

Compared to the other saunas here, it takes up the least space. For instance, the Dynamic Saunas Santiago Infrared Sauna measures 46"W x 40"D, taking up 12 square feet.

Below is a table comparing sauna sizes of saunas discussed in the article and their footprints.

Infrared Sauna Exterior Dimensions Footprint
Width Depth
Dynamic Saunas Barcelona Infrared Sauna 39" 36" 9.75ft (smallest)
Maxxus Seattle Infrared Sauna 48" 42" 14ft
SunRay Saunas Cordova Infrared Sauna 48" 45" 15ft (widest)
Dynamic Saunas Santiago Infrared Sauna 46" 40" 12ft

With this sauna only taking up a little space, your room won’t look cramped at all.

Dynamic Saunas Barcelona Infrared Sauna

2. Maxxus Saunas Seattle Infrared Sauna

Best for Enhanced Visibility and Style

Anyone who enjoys staying connected to the outside environment during a sauna session would enjoy the Seattle Infrared Sauna.

The front of the sauna is almost fully glass and there are two full-length glass windows on its sides, unlike the SunRay Saunas Cordova which only includes a small glass door.

Put together, the glass door and windows allow a lot of light in. If the sauna is placed in a common room, you’ll easily see your loved ones go about their day or your furry friends playing with their toys.

With the SunRay Saunas Cordova, there’s less light coming in, so it can feel like you’re enclosed and disconnected from your surrounding environment.

Maxxus Sauna Seattle Infrared Sauna


95% of customers who got the Maxxus Sauna Infrared Sauna gave it a five-star rating. Join customers like Susan O. who cites that getting this sauna was the best decision she made, and now she and her husband get to use it every day.

3. SunRay Saunas Cordova Infrared Sauna

Top Pick for Premium Wood Quality and Pleasant Smell

The SunRay Saunas Cordova Infrared Sauna is made from sustainably sourced Canadian Red Cedar which is more resistant to decay and insects compared to Hemlock.

This makes the Cordova Infrared Sauna more durable than all other saunas listed here because they all have Hemlock Construction.

To back the durability of this sauna, we offer a 7-year limited warranty. That’s two more years than the other saunas listed here (each has a 5-year warranty). How cool is that!

In addition to its durability, Canadian Red Cedar wood has a pleasant smell, something else for you to enjoy during your sauna session.

SunRay Saunas Cordova Infrared Sauna

4. Dynamic Saunas Santiago Infrared Sauna

Top Pick for Uniform Heating (No Cold Spots)

The Santiago includes 7 carbon infrared heaters, which is more than the Maxxus Seattle Infrared Sauna or Barcelona Infrared Sauna. Both of these offer 6 carbon heating elements.

A higher number of carbon heating elements means that there will be more even heat distribution for all sauna users. Both sauna users will enjoy a similar level of heat, ensuring the sauna treatment is effective.

Moreover, all body parts will receive a similar level of heat so users will not experience any cold spots requiring them to move sitting positions or spend more time (and electricity) in the sauna.

Dynamic Saunas Santiago Infrared Sauna


This sauna is simply AMAZING. It was easy to assemble (done in 20 minutes), is well put together, heats up quickly, and is super comfortable. Stephen Perko, Verified Customer, December 2021

Choosing Your Ideal 2-Person Infrared Sauna

Buying an infrared sauna is a major purchase and we want you to feel comfortable and excited with your new sauna.

Two-person infrared saunas are perfect for individuals who like to sauna with a partner. But it can still be overwhelming to research and find the best one for your needs.

If house space, durability, visibility, and experiencing high heat are your concerns in 2024, then you can choose a sauna that meets your needs from this article.

Or you can check out our full collection of 2-person saunas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to assemble a 2-person infrared sauna?

It can take you an average of 30 minutes to assemble your 2-person infrared sauna when there’s another adult to help.

Here is a video illustrating how to assemble your sauna.

Do I require professional help to install a 2-person sauna?

No. All saunas discussed here can be installed by the owners with another adult’s help.

In most cases, manufacturer or seller videos illustrate how to install the sauna. You can easily follow along.

However, sauna manufacturers will often cite whether you need a professional’s help, such as an electrician to install extra components. Always check the product manual.

How can I maintain my 2-person infrared sauna?

To maintain your 2-person infrared sauna ensure that you use it exactly as directed by the manufacturer.

For instance, Dynamic Saunas Santiago Sauna is made for indoor use only. Therefore, taking it outside can cause it to wear due to the elements.

Secondly, you can always wipe down the bench and walls after a sauna session. Ensure that the sauna is turned off while you’re doing this.

Every once in a while (at least once a month), vacuum the sauna floor and wipe down the bench and walls using mild detergent, warm water, and cloth.

You should also think about placing a mat outside your sauna’s door so that users can wipe down their feet before their sauna session.

Author’s Note: Updated on January 18, 2024, with an updated FAQ section, subheadings explaining the top quality or benefit for each 2-person infrared sauna, and a table comparing sauna sizes and the footprint each one occupies.

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