Buyer Guide: Best 3-Person Infrared Saunas

Best 3 Person Infrared Saunas for 2023

There’s one thing that adds a healthy dose of spice to life: loved ones. Whether it’s with family or friends, most experiences are just that much better when shared.

This got me thinking about how 3-person saunas can provide intimate sauna experiences for small families or groups of friends.

In such an intimate space, you can connect more to your loved ones by catching up on the day while improving your health.

No doubt you and your family or friends have diverse needs, so I combed through each sauna’s features and came up with these best 3-person infrared saunas. Each one highlights a specific top quality so you can quickly find the best one for you.

In a nutshell, you’ll find our top-rated sauna overall, and the:

But first, a quick table highlighting unique benefits or qualities for each sauna and comparing the type of infrared technology.

#1 Best Experience Overall #2 Top Pick for Foot Pain Relief #3 Most Affordable
Golden Designs Reserve Sauna Maxxus Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Dynamic Saunas Bellagio Infrared Sauna

Golden Designs Reserve Sauna

- Many lighting options

Maxxus Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

- Foot reflexology

Dynamic Saunas Bellagio Infrared Sauna

- Cheapest sauna

1. Golden Designs Reserve Infrared Sauna

Top Pick: Best Experience Overall

Getting good-quality, deep heat is essential and a basic offering that any sauna should have.

However, the REALLY high-quality saunas have many add-ons that elevate the experience of sauna users. Think better relaxation, entertainment, and all-rounded health benefits.

Well, the Golden Designs Reserve Infrared Sauna is as high-quality as they come.

For better relaxation, you need a sauna whose features help you set the mood to let go. While most saunas discussed here only have chromotherapy lighting, the Golden Designs Reserve Infrared Sauna has both chromotherapy and exterior ambient lighting.

So, during a session, you and your loved ones are immersed in a relaxed state that extends outside because of the ambient lighting.

Keep in mind that colors will affect you differently. For instance, while blue has a calming effect, orange and red have energizing effects.

Additionally, you can enjoy more when you can choose a form of entertainment that matches your mood. This sauna offers you numerous choices as it includes a Nakamichi FM Radio with Bluetooth and an MP3 auxiliary connection.

Other saunas like the SunRay Savannah Infrared Sauna only include a Bluetooth Stereo, and so are limited in their entertainment options.

But best of all, the Golden Designs Reserve Infrared Sauna offers versatility because it includes full-spectrum infrared heaters.

You get a broader range of health benefits—improved skin health, better circulation, and detoxification compared to using a sauna with only one type of heat emitter e.g., the Dynamic Saunas Bilbao Sauna which only has far infrared.

Therefore, the Bilbao Sauna would mostly improve circulation and not skin health.

Golden Designs Reserve Infrared Sauna

2. Maxxus Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Top Pick for Foot Pain Relief

The Maxxus Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna includes a floor-foot reflexology heater that can provide pain relief after a strenuous leg day in the gym and for individuals suffering from arthritis.

An experiment involving individuals diagnosed with arthritis applied different pain management methods:

  • Group A: foot reflexology and medication
  • Group B: Medication only

After foot reflexology and medication:

  • 51% of participants experienced a fair quality of life
  • 11% had a good quality of life
  • 16% of participants had reduced pain and muscle stiffness three months after the foot reflexology

In group B, 75% reported having a poor quality of life immediately after the intervention and none reported experiencing a good quality of life. Three months later, these results remained the same.

Foot reflexology improves outcomes for pain and muscle stiffness which are commonly experienced in athletes and those who like working out.

Maxxus Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna


We are very happy with the service and our sauna. Kristy, Verified Customer, March 2022

3. Dynamic Saunas Bellagio Infrared Sauna

Top Pick: Most Affordable Sauna

Now for the best sauna for anyone with a tight budget: the Bellagio Infrared Sauna.

With pricing beginning at $2,599.99, it's the cheapest of all the saunas on this list—15% cheaper than the SunRay Savannah Infrared Sauna and 38% cheaper than the Bilbao Infrared Sauna.

Additionally, the Bellagio Infrared Sauna plugs into a standard U.S. outlet so you won’t incur costs to consult an electrician.

With other saunas like Dynamic Saunas Bilbao Sauna and the Golden Designs Reserve Sauna, you need to consult an electrician and in the latter, the electrician needs to install a 20 amp outlet and a 20 amp breaker.

Another favorite thing about this sauna is that you can easily assemble it without a specialist’s help.

Dynamic Saunas Bellagio Infrared Sauna


I have sat in it every night. Well pleased with my purchase. Sylvia Bell, Verified Customer, November 2021

4. Dynamic Saunas Marseille Infrared Sauna

Top Pick for Energy Efficiency

The Marseille Infrared Sauna is our top pick for energy efficiency—YES to saving on electricity bills!

It has 9 carbon PureTech Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters. That’s more compared to the Golden Designs Reserve Sauna which has 3, or the Maxxus Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna which only has 4.

The higher the number of carbon PureTech heat emitters, the quicker the sauna can heat up.

Moreover, the higher number of carbon heaters ensures there are no cold spots at any point.

What this means is that:

  • Occupants won’t take up more time in the sauna due to ineffective heating
  • Less electricity is required to heat the occupants’ bodies

Dynamic Saunas Marseille Infrared Sauna

Buying Tip: For three people, choose saunas with carbon instead of ceramic heaters. They heat up faster without creating hotspots in the room and produce longer wavelengths to penetrate the skin deeper.

5. Dynamic Saunas Bilbao Infrared Sauna

Top Pick: Best Sauna for a Modern, Minimalist Home

If you’re a minimalist, nothing will match your aesthetic better than the Bilbao Infrared Sauna. Minimalist saunas focus on simplicity, functionality, and connection to the outside world.

One thing I find truly striking each time is this sauna’s large bronze tempered glass door—bigger in scale than in other saunas discussed here.

But not just because it’s huge; the door and the glass window extend into each other on the top half i.e., there are no wooden panels between the door and the window. Because of this, it has a more open feel.

Occupants can still be connected to the outside world, whether that’s watching their dog play with a stuffed toy or interacting with their loved ones as they go about their day.

I love that this minimalist design is reflected in the sauna’s interior design which consists of three custom-designed portable comfort benches in a simple L shape.

The design is not as busy as the Dynamic Saunas Bellagio Sauna or the Maxxus Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, both of which have a lot of wooden panels under the benches, walls, and floors.

Dynamic Saunas Bilbao Infrared Sauna

6. SunRay Savannah Infrared Sauna

Top Pick for Maximum Comfort and Safety

The Savannah Infrared Sauna is perfect for a group of individuals who seek comfort and safety above all else.

Of the saunas listed, it’s the only one with an ergonomic backrest to maximize back comfort during sessions.

In addition, it has an air ionizer—another feature that’s unique to this sauna—that purifies the sauna environment by generating negatively charged ions. These ions bind allergens, making them too heavy to float. So you breathe fresh air throughout.

However, you should still clean the sauna surfaces after as the harmful particles typically settle on the floor or nearby surfaces.

SunRay Savannah Infrared Sauna

Pick the Best 3-Person Infrared Sauna for You

Three-person infrared saunas are just the thing to help your family or a small group of friends socialize in an intimate space while collectively improving your health.

Whether it’s to serve people in your social circle who suffer from foot pain, to fit a minimalist home, or a tight budget, there’s a sauna to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between far-infrared saunas and full-spectrum saunas?

Far infrared saunas emit far infrared rays with wavelengths of about 10 micrometers (µm) that can penetrate up to four centimeters into the skin. On the other hand, full-spectrum saunas emit near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths.

The different rays of the full-spectrum sauna penetrate the skin at different depths.

The near-infrared will penetrate just the epidermis, and the mid-infrared penetrate beyond the epidermis into the tissue while the far-infrared will penetrate up to about four centimeters beneath the skin.

What safety features should I consider when buying a 3-person infrared sauna?

These are some of the safety features you should ensure your 3-person sauna has:

  • An internal LED panel (a bonus if it has both an external and internal panel)
  • Roof vent
  • Tempered glass door
  • Good lighting

The LED panels can allow you to adjust the sauna conditions to where you’re most comfortable. For instance, reducing the temperature if it gets too hot.

If lowering the temperature doesn’t work, you can open the roof vent to help you cool down more.

With a tempered glass door, you’ll be sure that the glass won’t break and cause cuts. Tempered glass doors can withstand high heat.

Finally, ensure that your sauna has good lighting as this will improve visibility and reduce the risk of falls.

How do I pick the best location to place my infrared sauna at home?

To pick the best location for your infrared sauna, consider the:

  • The manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Your needs, or the needs of your household

First, look through the manufacturer’s manual and establish whether the infrared sauna can be used outdoors or indoors only.

If it’s an indoor sauna, my advice is to install it in a common room where it can be easily accessed.

Author’s Note: Updated on January 18, 2024, to include frequently asked questions, informative research links, customer testimonials, and subheadings highlighting the top quality or benefit of each 3-person infrared sauna.

Wes McMahon

Wes McMahon, is the founder of Sun Valley Saunas and a seasoned ski town sauna enthusiast. In early 2021, Wes transitioned from being an attorney and sauna aficionado in Sun Valley, Idaho, to founding Sun Valley Saunas. His deep appreciation for the Finnish sauna tradition has helped him understand and select high-quality, hand-built saunas for customers throughout North America. Combined with his understanding of the therapeutic and communal benefits of sauna culture, he advocates for the wellness practices that saunas can bring to your overall health. Got questions? Get in touch by calling 1-855-963-5665 or

Important: The information provided in our articles about saunas and related topics is intended for general informational and educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before using saunas, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are pregnant. Individual health needs vary, and what benefits one person may not be suitable for another.


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