The 5 Best Cedar Infrared Saunas (2024)

5 Best Cedar Infrared Saunas

For sauna users, the smell of cedar is synonymous with that gorgeous feeling that comes with sitting and relaxing in a beautifully hot cedar infrared sauna.

Also, did you know that cedar is considered as one of the best technical materials for an infrared sauna due to its reaction to high-humidity and temperature fluctuations? Thermal insulation is where it's at, but cedar also absorbs sound, has a low shrinkage rate, resists decay and a whole host of other benefits.

We that in mind, we have put together a list of amazing cedar infrared saunas that we think are the best of the best. These saunas are hugely popular with our customers, and when you see the specs, we think you will agree.

Our Current Top 3 Cedar Infrared Saunas

#1 Best Overall #2 Longest Warranty #3 Best for 2 People
The Maxxus Saunas 4 Person The Roslyn 4 Person The Maxxus 2 Person
The Maxxus Saunas 4 Person The Roslyn 4 Person The Maxxus 2 Person
Maxxus 4 Person Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna MX-K406-01-ZF CED, Montilemar Edition SunRay Saunas Roslyn 4-Person Infrared Sauna HL400KS Maxxus 2 Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna MX-M206-01-FS CED
  • A Bluetooth stereo with speakers
  • A chromotherapy lighting system
  • 9 carbon infrared heaters LED control panel
  • A Bluetooth stereo with speakers
  • A chromotherapy lighting system
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Facing Bench Seats
  • Full spectrum infrared heaters
  • Near zero EMF output

Key points about cedar for use in saunas:

For sauna enthusiasts looking for a quiet sanctuary in their home, cedar is one of the best options.

  1. Cedar wood's natural antimicrobial properties reduce sauna cleaning efforts, making it a low-maintenance choice.
  2. Cedar's strength and resistance to weather-related issues make it ideal for outdoor saunas in varying climates.
  3. Cedar's sound resistance offers a quiet sanctuary for sauna enthusiasts seeking a tranquil experience.

The saunas we're going to cover in detail:

  1. Maxxus Saunas 4 Person Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna, MX-K406-01-ZF CED, Montilemar Edition
  2. SunRay Saunas Roslyn 4 Person Infrared Sauna, HL400KS
  3. Maxxus 2 Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna, MX-M206-01-FS CED
  4. Maxxus 2 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna, MX-K206-01 CED
  5. SunRay Saunas Sedona 1-Person Infrared Sauna, HL100K

Below are five of our favourite cedar infrared saunas. Let's jump in.

1. Maxxus Saunas 4 Person Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna, MX-K406-01-ZF CED, Montilemar Edition

The Maxxus Saunas Montilemar Cedar Infrared Sauna is a gorgeous 4 person infrared sauna with all the bells and whistles. It contains the following stand-out features:

  • A Bluetooth stereo with speakers
  • A chromotherapy lighting system
  • 9 carbon infrared heaters
  • LED control panel

In addition, the strategic placement of the sauna's nine-carbon infrared heaters ensures even, consistent warmth. As a result, this allows for a deep, penetrating heat that encourages a hearty sweat to improve circulation and detoxification.

Notably, this Bluetooth-compatible infrared sauna prides itself on being a near-zero EMF sauna, meaning you can relax without the worry of high EMF exposure.

Consequently, the interior dimensions of 68"W x 37"D x 68"H provide ample room, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to incorporate sauna yoga into their routine.

The 37-inch depth ensures enough room to sit cross-legged with ease, even when facing the sauna's front or back.

Moreover, the sauna's 68-inch height allows most individuals to stand upright without the ceiling being too close, allowing for standing poses.

The heat makes muscles more pliable, complementing yoga poses by enhancing flexibility and deepening stretches. This could be a transformative space for both your physical and mental wellness routines.

In addition to the sauna itself, the manufacturer includes a generous 5-year warranty, highlighting their confidence in the product's durability and performance.

Maxxus Saunas Montilemar Cedar Infrared Sauna product image

Highlight: Cedar saunas are not only about relaxation; they harness the healing and cleansing properties of cedar wood's aromatic oils. These oils potentially aid in detoxification, reducing inflammation, and enhancing skin appearance.

Inhaling the calming cedar fragrance during your sauna session provides potential aromatherapy benefits, alleviating stress and anxiety, and improving sleep quality for a truly holistic wellness experience.

2. SunRay Saunas Roslyn 4 Person Infrared Sauna, HL400KS

SunRay Saunas offers a really cool cedar infrared sauna in the Roslyn which comes with two bench seats that face each other.

Where most infrared saunas offer one long bench seat, the Roslyn lets sauna users face each other, which may feel a little more natural if you're putting four people into the sauna.

Moving on to the additional features, the Roslyn sauna is equipped with chromotherapy lighting, which offers therapeutic benefits through the use of color and light.

Similarly, the various hues in the lighting system can be adjusted to match the mood or desired effect, whether it's to energize, relax, or uplift. This can enhance the overall wellness experience by not only detoxifying the body through sweat but also by promoting a balanced state of mind.

Furthermore, the inclusion of an LED digital control panel and a stereo with auxiliary input adds layers of convenience and personalization to the sauna experience.

The digital control allows users to easily adjust temperature settings and timer, ensuring the sauna session is tailored to individual comfort levels.

Built from Western Canadian Red Cedar, the Roslyn is super easy to assemble with its tongue and groove system. Featuring a seven year warranty for any issues you may run into, you can rest assured you're going to enjoy this infrared sauna for a long time to come.

SunRay Saunas Roslyn Infrared Sauna product image

I really like how it has two benches, both of which are big enough to lay down on. With the backrest it came with I spend a half hour to 45 minutes in it and my back has felt a lot better. Brock L., Verified Customer, August 2021

Did You Know: Cedar is a lightweight wood that remains comfortable to the touch even at high sauna temperatures. This makes it an ideal choice for a relaxing and enjoyable sauna experience.

3. Maxxus 2 Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna, MX-M206-01-FS CED

The MAXXUS 2 Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna is a testament to luxury and wellness, seamlessly integrated into the comfort of your home.

Crafted from Western Canadian Red Cedar, the sauna not only boasts a visually appealing structure but also ensures durability and resistance to moisture, which are paramount for the longevity of the product.

The sauna's design is thoughtfully considered. Its interior dimensions of 45"W x 37"D x 68"H create a cozy yet comfortable space for two individuals. This intimate setting is ideal for shared relaxation sessions.

Moreover, the sauna's compatibility with a standard U.S. outlet underscores its user-friendly nature, facilitating straightforward installation without the need for specialized electrical arrangements.

Additionally, the Carbon PureTech™ full spectrum infrared heaters are a pivotal feature, designed to emit a comforting, natural heat while ensuring an even distribution throughout the space.

Coupled with the near zero EMF output, the sauna addresses health and safety concerns related to electromagnetic fields, providing users with peace of mind and a safer sauna environment.

Maxxus 2 Person Red Cedar Sauna product image

4. Maxxus 2 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna, MX-K206-01 CED

The Maxxus 2 Person Infrared Sauna offers a suite of features that provide substantial benefits to users, making it excellent value for its price.

As a far infrared sauna with low EMF emissions, it delivers the therapeutic warmth of infrared heat while minimizing exposure to electromagnetic fields, which is a consideration for health-conscious individuals.

The Far infrared heat is known for its ability to penetrate deeply into tissues, potentially easing muscle tension, increasing circulation, and promoting detoxification at a lower temperature than traditional saunas, which can be more comfortable for longer sessions.

Six carbon Far infrared heaters, strategically placed, equip the sauna to distribute heat evenly. These heaters are designed to provide a gentle yet effective warmth, contributing to an optimal sauna experience.

The tempered glass door and windows enhance the sauna's aesthetic appeal and contribute to an open, spacious feeling, allowing users to enjoy the view outside their relaxation haven.

Control over the sauna's environment is at your fingertips with the two built-in LED control panels. These allow for easy adjustments of temperature and timer settings, ensuring each sauna session can be customized to individual comfort levels.

Maxxus 2 Person Red Cedar Sauna product image

5. SunRay Saunas Sedona 1-Person Infrared Sauna, HL100K

The SunRay Sedona 1-Person Infrared Sauna HL100K is designed to deliver a personal and immersive sauna experience, combining the benefits of modern technology with the comfort of traditional materials.

It has exterior dimensions of 36"W 42"W x 75"H and interior dimensions of 32"W x 32"D x 68"H. It can comfortably hold one person making it an intimate space for relaxation and rejuvenation, perfect for those seeking a private retreat within their home.

One of the core benefits of the Sedona sauna is its advanced carbon-nano infrared heaters. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you, these infrared heaters work by directly warming your body.

This direct form of heat is efficient and allows for lower temperatures that still provide the same benefits as a traditional steam sauna, such as relaxation of muscles, increased circulation, and detoxification through sweating.

The carbon-nano technology ensures the heat is smooth and evenly dispersed, eliminating the discomfort of hot zones within the sauna space.

Powered by five advanced carbon nano infrared heaters and made from solid Canadian Red Cedar, the Sedona lets you enjoy all the bigger saunas have to offer without taking up all of the space.

For safety and convenience, the sauna features an automatic 60-minute shut-off, which is a thoughtful addition for those moments when deep relaxation might lead to dozing off. This feature ensures that the sauna will not remain on indefinitely, which conserves energy and reduces any risk of overheating.

Heating up to 140°F, the sauna lets users find their optimal temperature for therapy. At this temperature, the body can receive the therapeutic benefits associated with sauna use.

SunRay Saunas Sedona Infrared Sauna product image

A Feature Comparison of These Great Cedar Infrared Saunas

The following table compares key features of the cedar infrared saunas discussed above including their interior dimensions, bench design, and light spectrum.

Cedar Infrared Sauna Interior Dimension Light Spectrum
Maxxus Saunas 4 Person Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna 68"L x 37"W x 68"H, which accommodates a long singular bench that's perfect for yoga Far infrared for deep light penetration that benefits soft tissue and cellular activity
SunRay Saunas Roslyn 4 Person Infrared Sauna 67''L x 49"W x 70"H, which enables parallel benches for face-to-face interactions Far infrared, which targets toxins deep within the body
Maxxus 2 Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna 45"L x 37"W x 68"H, which fits a short singular bench for a cozy feel, especially with a loved one Full spectrum, which combines the health benefits of far, mid, and near infrared light with their distinct penetration profiles
Maxxus 2 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna 45"L x 37"W x 68"H, which fits a short singular bench for an intimate feel with a loved one Far infrared, which flushes toxins deep within the body via sweating
SunRay Saunas Sedona 1-Person Infrared Sauna 32"W x 32"D x 68"H, which fits a tight singular bench that's perfect for isolated sessions Far infrared, which has the deepest penetration to help detoxify deep-seated cells and tissue

Now, cedar typically costs more than other woods like hemlock, spruce, and pine used in saunas. But because of the properties mentioned in this article, most people find that the increased price is well worth it.

For a lot of people, cedar wood is synonymous with saunas. I know for me the smell of cedar immediately makes me think of sitting in a nice hot sauna and calms me down.

Additionally, cedar wood comes in beautiful varieties of white and red. Its natural anti-microbial properties mean it keeps the sauna clean, reducing your workload. In fact, animals like rodents won't even go near cedar because of these properties.

Cedar is more sound-resistant than other woods. Moreover, its greater porosity compared to other woods enables it to absorb noise so you can maintain a calmer inner self.

Cedar is also super strong and holds up well in damp climates. Furthermore, it resists bending, shrinking, and warping, even in severe weather. This makes it a great wood for outdoor saunas, especially in places with colder temperatures and rain and snow.

Our #1 Pick as the Best Cedar Infrared Sauna

Maxxus Saunas 4 Person

#1 The Maxxus Saunas 4 Person is a clear winner for our choice of the Best Cedar Infrared Sauna made by one of our most popular manufacturers. Read the full specs here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should not use infrared sauna?

While generally safe and even beneficial for healthy adults, those with specific conditions like high blood pressure, heart, or kidney issues should avoid saunas. It's also advisable for pregnant women to avoid them. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice on infrared sauna suitability.

What oil do you use in a cedar sauna?

Paraffin oil is versatile, water-resistant, non-flammable, and safe. Its application to sauna benches prevents cracking and sticking, saturating the wood for protection against dirt, impurities, and mold.

How thick should cedar be for a sauna?

Clear cedar ranges from 5/16" to 5/8". Sauna experts often prefer ½" cedar, while 5/16" is discouraged due to inadequate tongue size, necessitating face nailing, which is not recommended for saunas.

Cedar Infrared Sauna: A Wellness Investment Worth Making

It's clear that when it comes to creating a personal oasis, cedar infrared saunas are pretty much unbeatable which is why we strongly recommend taking a look at the The Maxxus Saunas 4 Person and comparing its specs.

Sure, they might be a tad pricier, but can you really put a price on that serene cedar scent, the peace of mind from its antimicrobial prowess, and the sheer durability that laughs in the face of damp weather? Not really.

From the spacious Maxxus 4-person sanctuary to the cozy SunRay Roslyn for one, each one is a testament to Cedar's versatility and charm.

"Whether you're stretching into a yoga pose, sharing a warm chat, or seeking solace in solitude, there's a cedar sauna waiting to welcome you." - Wes McMahon, Founder, Sun Valley Saunas

Wes McMahon

Wes McMahon, is the founder of Sun Valley Saunas and a seasoned ski town sauna enthusiast. In early 2021, Wes transitioned from being an attorney and sauna aficionado in Sun Valley, Idaho, to founding Sun Valley Saunas. His deep appreciation for the Finnish sauna tradition has helped him understand and select high-quality, hand-built saunas for customers throughout North America. Combined with his understanding of the therapeutic and communal benefits of sauna culture, he advocates for the wellness practices that saunas can bring to your overall health. Got questions? Get in touch by calling 1-855-963-5665 or

Important: The information provided in our articles about saunas and related topics is intended for general informational and educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before using saunas, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are pregnant. Individual health needs vary, and what benefits one person may not be suitable for another.


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