The Truth About EMF And Infrared Saunas (2023)

Infrared Saunas and EMF: What is EMF Anyways??

Infrared saunas are more popular than ever, and with good reason! There are lots of benefits to be had with regular infrared sauna sessions. These include reduced stress, better sleep, improved circulation, among many others.

If you’re interested in bringing an infrared sauna into your life you’ve probably come across an overwhelming amount of information, and you’ve most definitely come across the topic of EMF. This article is intended to focus on EMF – what it is, how it relates to infrared saunas, and whether EMF exposure is dangerous to your health or counteracts the positive effects of regular sauna use.

Let's jump in! 

What Is EMF? 

Since the dawn of time the sun has shot light upon the Earth in such a way that creates EMFs, or electric and magnetic fields, an energy field that is technically a form of "radiation". Not only does the sun create EMFs, but all electronic and electric devices create EMF too, including your smart phone, TV and even that little fan in the corner of your office. Electric and magnetic fields are invisible waves of energy created anywhere electricity is present. So, if you’re using an indoor or outdoor infrared sauna that is powered by electricity (as opposed to a wood fired sauna), there is going to be an electric and magnetic field. But are these electric and magnetic fields dangerous? While most researchers agree that EMF exposure isn’t dangerous, as we’re exposed to EMF all day every day, some scientists do still question the safety of prolonged EMF exposure.

Types of EMF 

If EMF is created by electricity you can imagine there’s a lot of it going on around the globe. And there is. However, not all EMF is created equal. Radiation from electric and magnetic fields come in different forms, from high-frequency ranges, to very low-frequency ranges. For high frequency EMF radiation think of X-Ray machines and CT scans. These devices produce low levels of this type of radiation. High frequency radiation is considered ionizing radiation, meaning it negatively affects the cells and DNA in our bodies by removing electrons.

Low-frequency radiation, or non-ionizing, moves the atoms in our cells around, but doesn’t really do much.  Infrared saunas are low frequency and low EMF. 

In between high frequency radiation and low frequency are other types of non-ionizing radiation, such as radio, visible light and infrared rays. Although these frequencies aren’t the lowest type of radiation, they are low enough to be non-ionizing, and generally not considered to be safety concerns. Just as listening to the radio in the sun isn’t considered a high risk activity, spending time exposed to infrared rays in your gorgeous new sauna isn’t generally thought of to be a dangerous way to spend one’s time.

When Does EMF Get Dangerous? 

As stated above, EMF exposure is generally only going to be dangerous in the high-frequency, ionizing ranges experienced in X-Ray machines, CT Scanners, or even from the sun, which is why we wear sunscreen.

The EPA has determined that EMF exposure is not dangerous in the lower to mid frequency, non-ionizing variety. This includes EMF exposure from your refrigerator, TV or infrared sauna. All of the infrared saunas we carry are low EMF, and in fact, all infrared saunas are low EMF and non-ionizing.

Not only are the saunas we carry not dangerous, but they’re great for your health and have lots of positive benefits.

You can check out all of our infrared saunas here.  All of the infrared saunas we carry are low EMF.  Some are even ultra low EMF infrared saunas

If you have any questions about our infrared saunas and/or EMF you can contact us here.  

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