Thermory Barrel Saunas: A Cut Above

Thermory Barrel Saunas 

We covered what makes for a great barrel sauna in this post, but today we're going to double click on Thermory and discuss what sets the Thermory barrel saunas apart from the rest of the market.  If you're looking to add a barrel sauna to your backyard and you want the best quality, or you're a diehard sauna yogi, you'd be hard pressed to find anything more luxurious and long lasting than a Thermory barrel sauna.  Let's find out why! 

Thermory, A Scandinavian Mainstay 

While it's almost a household name in Scandinavia, Thermory is relatively new to the U.S. market, and to saunas in general.  Primarily focusing on extremely high quality thermally modified wood, and based out of Estonia, Thermory originally produced focused on siding and decks for high end luxury homes.  Turning their attention to barrel saunas, Thermory has taken the same wood and thermal modification process and applied it to the thousands year old tradition of sauna bathing.  Hey, if it's good enough for the side of a high end home or deck, it's gotta be good enough for a sauna, right?  Built to stand up to the frigid Scandinavian winters, Thermory's thermal modification process has proved to be a perfect match for outdoor barrel saunas.    

So what is thermally modified wood, anyways?  

Barrel Saunas Made From Thermally Modified Wood 

Thermory starts with high quality knotty Nordic Spruce that's been sustainably harvested and produced, and is specifically suited for the rigors of regular sauna use.  They then heat and steam the wood up to over four hundred degrees fahrenheit.  That's basically like putting it into an oven with a batch of cookies! The heat completely modifies the wood by reducing the impurities and leaves a much denser board free of pores weak spots.  This process significantly reduces the chance of mold, rot or bowing.  The steam that accompanies the heat during the modification process also gives Thermory complete control over the shape of the board and creates a board far stronger than one that has not been thermally modified.  Isn't it sounding more and more like thermally modified wood and barrel saunas are a match made in heaven? Yep! 

The thermal modification process on these barrel saunas also leaves a deeper, richer, more beautiful board that highlights the knots in the wood and looks much more luxurious and high end.  Look at the difference between a Thermory barrel sauna and a barrel sauna that's not made from thermally modified wood: 

The type of wood used in the thermal modification process makes a massive difference as well.  Instead of using cedar or hemlock, which can become rough and less attractive over time, Thermory uses Nordic Spruce, which holds together and keeps its color and touch throughout the life of the barrel sauna. 


Thermory thermally modified wood in barrel sauna 

Thermory Barrel Saunas Last Longer  

Over time and lots of use all barrel saunas will eventually need to be fixed or replaced.  The average lifetime of a barrel sauna varies based on how often it gets used, but 10-15 years with regular use is a pretty good lifespan before the wood starts rotting or wearing down.  With their thermally modified Nordic Spruce, Thermory barrel saunas are made to last for 25+ years with regular use.  Water resistant (although we advise you use the provided rain jacket), rot and mold resistant and more durable than standard cedar or hemlock used in barrel saunas, Thermory barrel saunas give your sauna and your dollars a much longer lifespan.  


A Luxurious Barrel Sauna 

Barrel saunas have grown in popularity over the last few years, and with that many different versions have popped up.  Some are more affordable, made from hemlock and use an inexpensive heater.  But some have the overwhelming sensation of stepping into a luxury spa.  With it's distinctive knotty Nordic Spruce, panoramic window to look out and reflect during your sauna, and Huum Drop heater with WiFi controls, the Thermory Barrel Sauna is a true luxury sauna that will make you wonder why it took so long to get one in the first place.  

Built For The Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater

Thermory designed their barrel saunas with the 9kW Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater with WiFi control in mind.  The Huum Drop sauna heater fits perfectly below the panoramic window and can heat the barrel sauna up to 200 degrees! With it's gorgeous "basket of stones" aesthetic, the Huum Drop heater adds to the luxurious feel of the barrel sauna.  

Use the Huum App on your phone to turn your sauna heater on or off, or adjust the temperature.  You can be anywhere in the world to control your barrel sauna.  


Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater

4 Person Or 6 Person Barrel Sauna 

Thermory Barrel Saunas come in a few different sizes, and with a couple of options.  You can choose the larger barrel sauna with or without a panoramic window and a porch.  The addition of the porch takes the barrel sauna from a 6 person down to a four person, but adds on a couple of seats on the outside porch.  This is perfect for taking breaks during long sauna sessions.  You can still have 6 people in a sauna session, but you would need to rotate who's out on the porch and who's in the sauna.  If you skip the porch then the barrel sauna fits up to 6 people very comfortably.  

The large barrel saunas have a diameter of 7'3", or about a foot larger than your standard barrel sauna, and are great for stretching or yoga.  

The Thermory 50 Series barrel saunas are a smaller version and comfortably hold 2-4 people.  With a diameter of 6'3" the 50 Series comes in three different lengths: 7'3", 5'10" or 4'9".  Each comes with the option of a panoramic window, but the 50 Series barrel sauna does not come with an optional porch.   


Perfect For Your Backyard 

The Thermory Barrel Sauna is a perfect backyard sauna.  When you're looking to add a sauna to your backyard, you have to go with something you not only love using on a regular basis, but also love looking at.  With their thermally modified knotty Nordic Spruce, Thermory Barrel Saunas have a stunning look to them that sets them apart from other barrel saunas.  It's not uncommon for friends and family to ask questions about the dark, rich wood piece of art in your backyard and wonder how they can get their own.  

Because Thermory Barrel Saunas are larger than standard barrel saunas, they are really great for yoga, stretching and other exercises.  If you are someone who likes to exercise at home, especially in the winter, the extra foot of space makes a massive difference.  Kettlebell exercises, sun salutations, jumping jacks, anything that requires a wider range of movement, is all of a sudden doable in your outdoor sauna.  



Thermory barrel saunas are truly a cut above the rest.  Made from thermally modified Nordic Spruce wood, these barrels saunas are stronger and more resilient, less prone to rot and mold, and hold up better in inclement weather.  All of this means that they'll last longer than the average barrel sauna and means you save money over time.  

Not only is the thermally modified Nordic Spruce stronger and more resilient than other wood, it also looks so much better.  The thermal modification process highlights the knots in the wood and leaves a darker, richer looking wood.  A look that's unique to barrel saunas.  

Pair your Thermory Barrel Sauna with a Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater with WiFi control and you turn your sauna on from the Huum app anywhere in the world.  

Perfect for yoga, stretching and other wide range of motion exercises, these barrel saunas make for the perfect backyard sauna.  

Deciding which sauna to get is a tough decision so feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our sauna experts.  We're happy to help!

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  • I currently live in South Carolina and considering purchasing a Thermory barrel outdoor sauna with a wood stove. I have lived with an electric sauna in the past and know wood will demand prep, but I do not mind. I do have questions though. Is the life of the sauna afffected by using wood and am I required to burn only kiln dried wood? Info would be appreciated, thank you. Joe T

    Joe Tucker
  • I currently live in South Carolina and considering purchasing a Thermory barrel outdoor sauna with a wood stove. I have lived with an electric sauna in the past and know wood will demand prep, but I do not mind. I do have questions though. Is the life of the sauna afffected by using wood and am I required to burn only kiln dried wood? Info would be appreciated, thank you. Joe T

    Joe Tucker
  • I would like more information.
    Thank you

    Durlin Hickok

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