Canadian Red Cedar

type of wood

Definition of Canadian Red Cedar

A straight-grained, non-porous softwood with a pleasant smell.

It’s highly favored for use in outdoor equipment due to its durability and resistance to moisture, insects, and decay. It’s even more resistant to decay than Hemlock.

Since Canadian Red Cedar is resistant to moisture, it’s often used in sauna interiors—it won’t rot or decay easily. This quality also means that the wood won’t swell or warp when exposed to steam.

It has good insulating properties as it has a low thermal conductivity (slowing heat transfer) factor of 0.74 BTU in./ft2 h ⁰F i.e. if you have a 1-inch wood slab, 0.74 BTUs of heat will flow through a 1 square foot area in one hour.

It has an R-value of 1.35 per inch of thickness—able to hold heat for longer. So the sauna doesn’t get extremely hot or have cold spots.

Moreover, it’s good to look at as it has colors ranging from light straws to dark reddish-brown. The beautiful color contrast between panels is aesthetically pleasing.

If you want a Canadian Red Cedar interior for your sauna, you can easily find one from Golden Designs which includes the Hanko 2-Person Traditional Sauna and Marstrand Barrel Sauna.

It may sometimes be termed as Pacific Cedar since it grows in Pacific North America and Canada.

Western Red Cedar wood

Hanko 2-Person Traditional Sauna

Example of “Canadian Red Cedar” in a Sentence

Sauna interiors made of Canadian Red Cedar smell nice when warmed up.

Synonyms: Western Red Cedar, Pacific Cedar

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