Chromotherapy Light

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Definition of Chromotherapy Light

It’s visible, colored radiation light used to cause a specific mood i.e., it influences mental health and emotions.

To achieve this, chromotherapy usually includes the colors of the rainbow and others. Every color is believed to have a specific vibration related to a given physical quality or chakra.

For instance, red is associated with the nervous system so one of its benefits is stimulating circulation.

On the other hand, orange is linked to the respiratory system. It’s believed to improve energy by increasing oxygen flow in the body.

Here’s a quick overview of what other benefits other colors are believed to offer:

  • Yellow: Increases appetite and skin quality
  • Green: Relieves muscle fatigue
  • Blue: Improves sleep as it has a peaceful effect
  • Indigo: Relieves ear, eye, and throat issues
  • Violet: Improves immunity

The lighting can be delivered using a bulb or by positioning several colored LED lights in the sauna.

I am a believer that color affects people's moods. Lilly Pulitzer

Below is a chart showing how various colors affect moods and the colors that would be the best for given issues.

benefits of various colors on the body

Example of “Chromotherapy Light” in a Sentence

Chromotherapy light in a sauna improves relaxation.

Synonyms: Color Therapy

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