Digital Control

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Definition of Digital Control

A small digital unit that acts as a system controller.

Depending on the requirements, a digital control can be as big as a standard briefcase bag or smaller.

Most digital control devices work on a feedback system i.e., they include a:

  • A/D conversion component where analog inputs are converted to a digital format
  • D/A conversion component where digital inputs are converted to an analog format

Digital controls are favored because of the following advantages:

  • They are affordable
  • They can be easily configured using software
  • You can easily adjust the settings

In saunas, they are included on the exterior (exterior LED panel) and the interior (interior LED panel). They allow users to set the temperature, music or radio volume, and even the lighting.

Additionally, electric heaters often include a digital control to help sauna users conveniently control the heat.

Digital controls also act as a safety mechanism by regulating or correcting the behavior of the system.

For instance, if the sauna environment gets lower than the temperature input, the device activates the heating system.

Example of “Digital Control” in a Sentence

Interior digital control systems allow users to adjust the temperature during their sauna session.

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