Eastern White Cedar

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Definition of Eastern White Cedar

Pale-brown softwood from White Cedar growing in the Eastern parts of North America. Its wood has a straight, fine, and even texture with some natural luster.

Here are some of the desirable properties that make it great for sauna construction:

  • It’s highly durable: Resistant to decay and insect-repellant though less durable compared to Canadian Red Cedar
  • Doesn’t crack or split easily
  • Cheaper than Canadian Red Cedar
  • Contains a pencil-like smell
  • Easily expands and contracts

Additionally, Eastern White Cedar contains special oils that prevent mold growth and trapped moisture.

It’s often used in the construction of outdoor saunas like those by Dundalk Leisurecraft because it can withstand harsh weather. Moreover, it's able to withstand high sauna temperatures without swelling or shrinking.

Over time, the wood’s pale brown color turns to a silver-gray color that’s very pleasant to look at.

Eastern White Cedar shingle wood plank

Below are some differences between Eastern White Cedar and Canadian Red Cedar.

Properties Eastern White Cedar Canadian Red Cedar
Tree Height 50 ft Up to 200 ft
Diameter 2 ft 13 ft
Density 0.31 g/cm3 0.47 g/cm3
Hardness 320 Janka 350 Janka
Tangential Shrinkage 4.9% 5%
Radial Shrinkage 2.2% 2.4%

Eastern White Cedar trees are shorter and smaller in diameter, while Western Red Cedar can grow to 200 ft tall and 13 ft in diameter.

Both woods are fairly hard for softwoods with White Cedar being a little less hard at 320 Janka. Since strength and wood density are related properties, White Cedar is also lighter than Western Red Cedar.

Finally, Western Red Cedar has a lower T/R shrinkage ratio than Eastern White Cedar so it’s more stable—bends or curves easily without breaking.

Example of “Eastern White Cedar” in a Sentence

Saunas made of Eastern White Cedar wood are less durable than those made of Canadian Red Cedar wood.

Synonyms: White Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Swamp Cedar

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