Electric Heater

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Definition of Electric Heater

It’s a device that converts electric current to heat.

Once the electric current passes through the resistors, they heat up and the heat is passed to the surrounding environment.

When used in a sauna it warms up the sauna environment in about 20 minutes.

The sauna electric heater is usually made of stainless steel and fitted with sauna stones to provide a traditional sauna experience.

Some electric heaters have in-built controls while others require an external digital sauna control that can be mounted on the wall outside the sauna.

It’s very important to remember that electric heaters are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different electric heater sizes can warm up different sauna sizes and have different rock capacities.

If you get a small electric heater for a huge sauna size, then it won’t heat the sauna optimally.

Moreover, electric heaters of a similar wattage can heat different sauna sizes depending on the brand.

Electric Heater Wattage (kW) Sauna Sizes it can Heat (Cubic Feet)
Amerec DSNR 4.5 130–210
Huum Drop 4.5 110–240
HomeHeat Serie H450 4.5 100–210
Finlandia FIN-30S 3 Up to 130
Harvia Club Series 10 388–600

Example of “Electric Heater” in a Sentence

An electric heater warms up the sauna in under 30 minutes.

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