Infrared Heater

type of heater

Definition of Infrared Heater

It’s a heater that converts electricity into radiant heat that’s directed to specific objects. Infrared radiation has longer wavelengths than visible light.

In a sauna, infrared rays penetrate the skin (up to 4 cm deep), and heat the body directly, as opposed to warming the air in the sauna.

Because of this, they’re energy-efficient and create a more comfortable environment than a wood-burning sauna stove in a traditional sauna.

An infrared heater can be made of:

  • Carbon: Usually carbon fibers are woven into a panel
  • Ceramic: A hollow tube including a heating element around a glass

Some key differences between the ceramic infrared heater and the carbon infrared heater include:

  • A ceramic heater emits shorter wavelengths than a carbon heater meaning it’s not readily absorbed by the body
  • Ceramic heaters have to reach very high temperatures to heat the sauna so they can create uncomfortable hot spots
  • Carbon emitters get heated very quickly so they’re more energy-efficient than ceramic ones
  • Carbon heaters are more durable than ceramic heaters

Example of “Infrared Heater” in a Sentence

Infrared heaters work by heating the body directly.

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