Nordic Spruce

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Definition of Nordic Spruce

A light, pale-cream softwood with a straight grain and smooth texture.

The timber is usually tough but elastic and is only slightly resistant to decay. However, it can be dried, steamed, or thermally treated for indoor or outdoor use.

Other properties that make it desirable for sauna use include its closed pores that allow slow penetration of moisture into the wood so it’ll not warp easily.

Nordic Spruce wood also has knots but healthy knots won’t compromise the durability of your sauna’s cladding. On the contrary, they add an interesting view to look at.

A sauna can incorporate Nordic Spruce wood in its wall beams or roof boards like in the G4 Traditional Outdoor Sauna.

Nordic Spruce wood

Below is a table comparing the properties of Nordic Spruce and Canadian Aspen.

Properties Nordic Spruce Canadian Aspen
Tree Height 30 m 20 to 30 m
Tree Diameter 1.5 m 0.6 to 1.0 m
Hardness 380 Janka 350 Janka
Tangential Shrinkage 8.2% 6.7%
Radial Shrinkage 3.9% 3.5%
Weight 405 kg/m3 415 kg/m3
Modulus of Rupture 9,130 lbf /in2 8,400 lbf /in2

Though Nordic Spruce and Aspen grow to a similar height, Nordic Spruce usually grows to a larger diameter.

However, the qualities that set Nordic Spruce apart are its hardness, shrinkage, and ability to resist cracking.

Compared to Canadian Aspen, Nordic Spruce is harder at 380 Janka. Canadian Aspen has a hardness of 350 Janka.

This means that Nordic Spruce is tough and has a higher resistance to denting, which aligns with its high modulus of rupture of 9,130 lbf/in2.

Yet despite its hardness, Nordic Spruce only weighs 405 kg/m3 compared to Canadian Aspen which weighs 415 kg/m3.

Because of its toughness, thermally treated Nordic Spruce is a choice wood for outdoor exterior applications while Aspen is reserved for sauna interiors like benches.

Example of “Nordic Spruce” in a Sentence

"Nordic Spruce can be used on sauna floorboards as high heat doesn’t damage them."

Synonyms: Norway Spruce, European Spruce, Whitewood

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