Recessed Light

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Definition of Recessed Light

A light source in the ceiling or wall that provides light without a visible fixture.

Recessed light typically includes three elements; a metal frame, housing, and trim. The metal frame secures the light in the ceiling while the housing holds the bulb and other fixtures, ‘hiding’ them in the ceiling.

Finally, the trim is the visible part of the fixture. It also improves the overall aesthetic of the room because it’s available in various colors.

Recessed lights can be used as ambient light, accent light, or task light depending on where they are positioned.

For instance, if you want to highlight a particular painting then placing the light some inches away from the front of the painting would achieve that. Then, you’ll have used it as an accent light.

However, if placed overhead above a working desk, then it functions as a task light.

Depending on the intended usage, recessed light can be brighter (containing more lumens per light) or dimmer. If used in a kitchen area, for example, you need a light with about 1200 lumens to see clearly.

Recessed lights are commonly found in sauna ceilings by using LED light bulbs and will typically be a maximum of 600 lumens.

recessed lighting on a kitchen ceiling

Example of “Recessed Light” in a Sentence

Always consult an electrician when adding recessed light fixtures in your steam room.

Synonyms: Can Light, Ceiling Light, Downlight

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