Steam Sauna

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Definition of Steam Sauna

A room that primarily relies on wet heat to heat up. More commonly known as a steam room.

This is usually achieved by using a steam generator or a portable sauna connected to a steamer box.

Sometimes a steam sauna may be confused with a sauna where steam is created by pouring water over stones.

The difference is that a room that primarily uses dry heat from heated stones or wood is a dry sauna, while a steam sauna relies on pressurized steam to cause sweating.

However, sometimes traditional saunas, whether heated using wood or electric heaters, are marketed as “traditional steam saunas.” An example is the Forssa Edition Traditional Steam Sauna, which uses a traditional sauna stove.

It’s best to double-check the features listed to ensure you’re getting what you really want. For example, if the plan is to get a device that lets hot steam into a room, then the Forssa Traditional Steam Sauna won’t do.

Another difference between the steam and dry sauna is the temperatures in a steam sauna feel hotter and cause more intense sweating than in a dry sauna.

Example of “Steam Sauna” in a sentence

Instead of buying a steam box sauna, convert your bathroom into a steam room by installing a steam generator.

Synonyms: Steam Room

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