Infrared Saunas v. Traditional Saunas: Get a Hybrid (2024)

“Traditional sauna or infrared sauna?” is by far the number one question we get here at Sun Valley Saunas.  The answer to that question really depends on what type of sauna experience you’re looking for.  Traditional saunas and infrared saunas are both amazing, but they provide totally different experiences.  

While the two types of home saunas are well covered online, the hybrid infrared/traditional sauna concept is less so.  Just as it sounds, these saunas are built with both infrared heaters and traditional electric sauna heaters.  If you’re a fan of both sauna experiences, or you’re buying a sauna for your family and want different options, a hybrid sauna might be a great option for you.  

With a hybrid infrared/traditional sauna you get the best of both worlds - full spectrum infrared heaters AND an electric sauna heater.  The full spectrum infrared heaters built into the walls of the sauna don’t take anything away from the electric sauna heater, and vice versa, the electric sauna heater doesn’t take anything away from the infrared heaters.  The electric heater still gets up to 190° F and the sauna rocks still pump out a ton of steam.  The infrared heaters still heat your body from within and don’t heat the sauna above 140° F. 

There aren’t a lot of hybrid infrared/traditional saunas on the market, but Golden Designs makes a couple that fit the bill really well: (1) the Golden Designs Visby 3 Person Hybrid Outdoor Sauna; and (2) the Karlstad 6 Person Hybrid Outdoor Sauna.  Both are handcrafted out of Western Canadian Red Cedar, feature an all weather exterior and come equipped with a Bluetooth stereo and speakers and chromotherapy lighting.  Learn more about our outdoor hybrid saunas.  

As always, if you’re interested in one of these at home saunas and have some more questions please reach out to us here, call us at 1-855-963-5665 or e-mail  Thanks for reading and have a happy sauna! 

Wes, Founder, Sun Valley Saunas


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  • Hello, I was wondering if you currently carrying any outdoor hybrid saunas? Thank-you! -Lexie

  • Please send me a printed catalogue and price list if possible. I can provide the address in a private email.

    Thank you.


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