Experience the Healing Benefits of Infrared Saunas in Your Area

"Norman bought you a what?" Joanna's mother, Cynthia, stared at her incredulously.
Joanna had braced herself for the barrage of criticism. Her mother had become much more negative since becoming a widow.

Joanna understood: her parents had been inseparable, and her mother was having difficulty adjusting.

But at times, the pessimism was a bit much.

Joanna sighed. "An infrared sauna. Really, Mom, you'll be stunned to find out about the health benefits of regular infrared sauna use. It’s been really good for us. You've always taught me the importance of taking care of your body."

"By eating healthy and staying active." Cynthia scoffed. "An infrared sauna seems a bit extravagant. Why on earth would he do that?"

"Because it’s amazing! After a hard day at work, the heat and steam really help me relax. There is nothing like a good detoxifying sweat to rid myself of both toxins and stress."

Cynthia scoffed. "Just drink a smoothie and take a bath."

"It's not the same," Joanna said. "Mom, it really is wonderful. Infrared light therapy really does make a difference. Think of it. Our bodies do need light, just like plants. You taught me that. You swear by your full spectrum light for your seasonal depression."

"Hmph." Cynthia stirred her tea. “Another gadget that won’t get used.”

"We use it all the time! People have been using saunas to cleanse and heal for thousands of years. This isn't some wacky new thing. Aren't you always saying we should get back to basics again?"

"An Infrared sauna hardly sounds basic."

"Traditional is more the word." Joanna sighed. "Infrared saunas heat using the same principle as traditional saunas, but unlike traditional saunas, they use light instead of steam. Go try it out! You only need 15 minutes. I promise you'll love it."

Cynthia shook her head. "I have to go meet the girls for tea. And then I have painting class."

After she was gone, Joanna’s husband, Norman, entered the kitchen. "She didn't sound impressed."

Joanna sighed. "I told you she wouldn't believe me. I really want her to try it, or at least listen to me about the infrared sauna benefits."

"She'll come around. You were a bit skeptical yourself, remember? Besides, it's our house. If our biggest problem is that your mom won't use our sauna, I'd say life is pretty good."

"It's not that. I want her to use it. She has high blood pressure, and she's just been so tense since Dad died. I think she'd really benefit from a good sauna session."

“Speaking of which …”

“You read my mind,” Joanna smiled.

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Infrared Saunas: Benefits Backed By Research

The next time Cynthia came over for dinner, Joanna handed her a folder of research articles she’d printed out. "See," she said. "This study shows that saunas are great for blood pressure. They reduce muscle stiffness, which improves circulation. Better blood flow also helps with the immune system, pain relief: the list goes one. It also helps me recover after my workouts. I'm doing the marathon this year. Here's another study about heart health benefits. Heart, Ma. You know what your doctor told you."

"I'm fine, dear. You go ahead and use your infrared sauna. I'll stick with baths."

“You’re just being stubborn,” Joanna said. “If your friend Mary said she got one, you’d be in it in a heartbeat.”

“Mary just sold her house for a condo at Pine Falls,” Cynthia said. “She wouldn't have room for an infrared sauna.”

Norman started laughing. 

“What’s so funny?” Cynthia asked.

“My friend’s parents live at Pine Falls,” Norman said. “They just installed an infrared sauna last year. The residents love it. So, it turns out Mary does have an infrared sauna after all.”

What Are The Cons of An Infrared Sauna? Turns out ... Very Few

Joanna let the subject drop for a while, but she remained concerned about her mother. Cynthia seemed unable to relax and unable to slow down. Joanna let her be, knowing she was still grieving. However, after Cynthia got more bad news from her doctor, she knew she had to do something. 

“Come over and use the sauna,” she said. “You need to relax.”

Cynthia, stubborn as ever, refused to budge. "I'm just not interested in an infrared sauna session. Bring your friend Shelly."

"I have. Shelly loves the infrared heat so much she's considering getting one herself. Why are you so negative? You used to complain when Grandma wouldn't listen to you, and now you're doing the same thing."

“I am not.” Cynthia sniffed. “I just don’t have time for an infrared sauna session today. I have spin class and a bridge club meeting.”

Joanna sighed. "Mom, it would help you. Look! Look at this research. Infrared heat helps with pain and muscle spasms, increases blood flow, helps with pain relief, and strengthens your immune system. It says right here that even a few short sessions a week lowers blood pressure. What was your diastolic blood pressure last time you checked?"

"I forget. Numbers are numbers." 

“It was off the charts, Mom.” Joanna held out the papers again.

Cynthia flipped through them. "Here!" she said. "Did you read this Infrared sauna FAQ sheet? There are some serious risks to infrared therapy!"

"What risks?" Joanna rolled her eyes. "Better skin tone? A relief from chronic pain?"

"Possible risks. Dehydration. The heat in saunas makes you sweat, which can cause you to dehydrate."

"The heat is the point, Mom. Just drink water before and after."

"Hmph." Cynthia flipped through more. "Here's another risk. Overheating."

Joanna laughed. "Saunas are meant to be hot. The infrared light is the whole basis. You're not supposed to stay in long enough to really overheat. All it says is check with your doctor if you have hypertension or heart disease, or any other medical conditions. That's pretty standard safety protocol for all sorts of things. Including Zumba, which you probably shouldn’t be doing on your ankle."

Sauna Sessions: Tried And True 

Joanna didn’t want to press too hard, but she was still hoping her mom would at least try the sauna room.

The next time the subject came up, Cynthia tilted her head. "Well, you’re certainly a fan. I’ll give you that. I never heard you talk about appliances so passionately before."

"That was before I realized how wonderful they are. People have been using saunas to cleanse and center themselves for centuries. And it’s not just an appliance."

"People also used to think smoking cured asthma."

"Which idea is still around?" 

Cynthia paused. “We have to get going, dear. We’ll be late for the movie.”

Joanna sighed. "I'm just worried about you. You never seem to really relax. And you just seem very stiff and sore lately. I think a bit of time in the infrared sauna would relieve pain for you. And anything that lowers blood pressure is worth trying.”

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The Benefits Of Infrared Saunas

After the movie, Joanna again held out the research on benefits.

Cynthia immediately focused on the cons. "Skin irritation! That's another con."

Joanna rubbed her eyes. "Just protect sensitive areas. Someone with super sensitive skin may get a bit red. I've never had a problem." She flipped through the printed research again. "Read this. 'Full spectrum infrared sauna therapy is a modern upgrade to traditional saunas.’ It's the same general concept. Just that, unlike a traditional sauna, infrared rays also penetrate the epidermis and dermis layers, where fat cells reside, so that therapeutic heat really penetrates. Benefits include increased oxygen flow, better blood circulation, and reduced muscle tension. Pain management professionals are on board, saying that infrared light and infrared heat both help with chronic pain conditions. You have chronic pain, Ma."

"Mmph. Speaking of fat cells," Cynthia looked at her watch. "I'm off to my spin class."

Joanna called after her as she left. "It will significantly stimulate blood flow!"

"That's nice, dear." Cynthia called back. The door shut as Norman entered.

"I swear," Joanna said. "She's going to give me a heart attack. I know she'll love the infrared sauna if she just gets into it. I didn't even have time to tell her about how the infrared sauna boosted the real estate value of our house, or how it's helped me with my muscle pain after training. I just want her to relax with a good detoxifying sweat. I'm worried about her heart. She's always so tense since Dad died."

“No guessing where your stubborn streak comes from.” Norman said. “She doesn’t want to admit that it’s time for you to look after her.” He rubbed her shoulders. "You look tense yourself."

Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy

Joanna laughed. "I know what you're thinking."

Ten minutes later, they were in the sauna, letting the radiant heat carry their troubles away.

Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy: Healing The Body, Mind, And Soul

It didn't end up taking Cynthia long to try the sauna after all. The next time she came over, she was noticeably stiff. Joanna gasped and went to help her sit down. "What happened?"

"I overdid it at my Zumba class," Cynthia lowered herself into a chair, wincing. "Oof. I may even cancel my yoga class." She settled back. "Your overall skin tone looks good, dear."

"Okay, that's it.” Joanna stood up. “Come on."

"Come on where?"

"You're trying the sauna. Just ten minutes. Here, I can even play your favorite talk show podcast in there for you."

To Joanna’s surprise, Cynthia didn’t argue.

A few minutes later, Joanna and Norman were having coffee at the kitchen counter. They could hear faint strains of Cynthia’s favorite reggae music from the sauna.

"She's going to love it," Norman said. "My family has always used saunas, and we're all fit and healthy. My mom is convinced that the sauna sessions make a huge difference."

"I know," Joanna said. "I can't even imagine not having one. It would be like trying to live without a washing machine at this point. Between the two of us, it gets used almost every day. It would also help with her seasonal depression. I can't even say what a difference having an infrared sauna near me all the time has made with that."

Discovering Even More Benefits Of A Good Infrared Sauna Session

Cynthia emerged a few minutes later, looking oddly calm.

"Mom?" Joanna stood up. "What did you think?"

"I … feel amazing. I feel relaxed. I was able to just let go." She turned to Norman. "Where did you get this infrared sauna heats thing?"

"Infrared sauna, Mom." Joanna laughed. "You can use it anytime you want, as long as you call first."

Discovering Even More Benefits Of A Good Infrared Sauna Session

Joanna was delighted to find that her mother had done a 180 on the sauna topic. Once she started feeling the benefits, she was hooked. She started dropping in with only the merest excuses. Norman made it a joke whenever he heard Cynthia's ringtone on Joanna's phone. "Let me guess. She's out of yogurt."

"Wants me to try this new makeup," Joanna laughed. “How long do you think it will take her to hit the sauna?”

“Fifteen minutes, tops.”

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Cynthia was settled into the sauna listening to her favorite motivational podcast.

Discovering Even More Benefits Of A Good Infrared Sauna Session

Sauna Room: Great For Well-Being

Cynthia was now sold. Her doctors were pleased to see an improvement, and she felt able to relax more.

Before long, she, too, was telling her friends about the infrared sauna. Joanna had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing when she overheard Cynthia on the phone one day.

"My doctor told me that the infrared wavelengths help with faster cell regeneration. My skin looks amazing. And I just feel better. Yes, I know. Horseback riding? That sounds fun!"

"A year ago," Cynthia told Norman, "There's no way she could have done that."

Another Benefit Of Having An Infrared Sauna Near Me: Friend Time

In the meantime, Joanna's friend Shelly also became a fan of their infrared sauna. Shelly dealt with chronic illness and muscle soreness, but she also just had a full plate. 

Then one day, she showed up at Joanna's door, tears streaming down her face. She could only speak a few words, the most important one being 'Divorce.'

Joanna told Shelly that she was welcome to use the sauna anytime she needed to relax. And Shelly took her up on that offer.

Before long, Shelly and Joanna were workout buddies, and the sauna was a permanent part of their routines.

Joanna treasured the time with her friend. The sauna sessions weren't just heat therapy: they were emotional therapy. The sauna was a sacred place, somewhere they could talk privately and openly.

Joanna got a really sweet Christmas gift from Shelly that year: a trip to a spa resort, which of course had a beautiful infrared sauna. I can't say what a difference having that infrared sauna near me has made, her note read. Infrared heat didn't just help with pain relief: it really helped me through. Thank you.

Infrared Light: Old Medicine Made New

A year later, Joanna and Norman were once more looking at infrared saunas. "Are you sure this is a good wedding gift?” Norman asked. “I think those mother-daughter sauna sessions are good for you."

"Oh, they are," Joanna said. "We will keep doing that. But now we can do some of them at her house."

Norman pointed. "This one, a barrel-style. I think that would be a perfect wedding gift for your mom and Ryan. And she can bring her friends to her infrared sauna, rather than keep using ours."

"Speaking of her friends," Joanna said. "She told me that her friend Susan loved our sauna so much she's getting her own."

"Susan, Jim’s wife? Aren't they the super-athletic family?"

"Yup. Two sons in football and a daughter in gymnastics. I think they're going all-in on the biggest one."

Norman laughed. "Sounds like they'll need it."  

Joanna leaned against him. "Isn't it amazing how beneficial it's been? I'm sleeping better, I'm more relaxed … I feel better than I did twenty years ago. Looking back now, it seems crazy that I never even had a sauna session before I met you."

"Infrared wavelengths," Norman said. "Possibly the most romantic words ever spoken."


They watched, giggling, as Cynthia started explaining the benefits of infrared light heats to another shopper while her fiance Ryan and the salesman stood back and watched, bemused.

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