The 5 Best Electric Sauna Heaters

Buying a sauna heater can be a really overwhelming experience, especially if you're new to the sauna world.  Not only are there a ton of different types of sauna heaters - electric, wood fired, infrared, gas, etc., there are all sorts of different brands and looks, different control types, stones, etc.  

Out of the different types of sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters are by far the most popular.  And for good reason! They're the easiest and quickest to use.  Electric sauna heaters use electricity to heat up coils within the sauna heater.  Those coils then heat sauna rocks, which help to heat up the sauna.  You can pour water over the sauna rocks to create steam and make your sauna even hotter.

The electric sauna heater was created back in the 1950s and it's come a long way since then.  Whether you're looking to heat your outdoor sauna, or your 1-2 person sauna oasis these sauna heaters are some of the best options out there. 


1. Huum Drop w/ UKU WiFi Control

Huum changed the game when they introduced the Drop Sauna Heater.  The winner of the 2021 Red Dot Design Award, and only recently available in the U.S., the Drop heater has quickly become one of the most popular electric sauna heaters on the market.  The unique stone and cage design stands out in any home sauna, and the UKU WiFi Control allows you to turn up your backyard sauna as you're riding up the last chairlift of the day.  

Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater


2. Harvia Cilindro w/ Digital Control

We discussed Harvia and its history in a previous blog post, but Harvia is the O.G. in terms of electric sauna heaters, and when talking about Harvia sauna heaters the Cilindro is simply one of the best.  Containing 200 pounds of stones and standing over four feet high, this floor based sauna heater looks awesome and puts out a ton of heat.  Perfect for an indoor sauna or outdoor sauna, pair the Cilindro with the Xenio Digital Control for easy operation!  

Harvia Cilindro Electric Sauna Heater


3. Amerec Designer B Series Electric Sauna Heater

Amerec makes some of the best quality electric sauna heaters on the market.  The Designer B Series is a no frills, sturdy, do-it-all electric sauna heater.  We had an Amerec sauna heater in our old backyard sauna and it lasted for years and years.  The color of the Designer B Series is a little bit different and with a 4.5kW, 6kW or 8kW options available its perfect for a 2 person sauna or a 6 person sauna.  

Amerec Designer B Series Electric Sauna Heater


4. Harvia KIP 6kW Electric Sauna Heater

The KIP is the electric sauna heater you go to when you don't want anything fancy, but you want something that will work really well for a long time that you can rely on.  This is the classic Harvia sauna heater with the controls built right in that you've probably seen in a million saunas.  Can't go wrong with a Harvia KIP! 

Harvia Sauna Heater


5. Huum Hive w/ UKU WiFi Control

Similar in concept and design to the Huum Drop Sauna Heater mentioned above, the Huum Hive Series Electric Sauna Heaters are floor based stone and stainless steel cage electric sauna heaters that command everyone's attention when they walk into the sauna.  Holding over 550 pounds of stones the Hive sauna heaters are behemoths that are great for saunas all the way up to 1,230 cubic feet.  Generally used in commercial saunas, the Hive series can also be controlled through the UKU WiFi Control or the Huum app.  

Huum Hive Electric Sauna Heater


There are a ton of electric sauna heaters out there, but I promise if you go with one of the options mentioned above you're gonna be happy you did - especially the Huum heaters.  Just imagine turning your sauna on with an app on your iPhone as you drive home from work! It's amazing! 

Sauna On! 



  • Any supplier of sauna equipment in Kenya?

    E k Mukundi
  • Great post. You usually can’t go wrong with the Harvia heaters and there certainly is a lacking presence of north america sauna companies. The huum is definitely the most eye-popping but I recently discovered they actually aren’t approved for sale in north america. They don’t have UL approvals on any of their heaters and they have a certification for a base board heater. I know they’ve sold thousands but there might be a lot of problems in the future with the Huum brand. Also Harvia is coming out with an almost replica called the harvia spirit.


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