5 Best Electric Sauna Heaters (2024 Edition)

Best Electric Sauna Heaters

Buying the best electric sauna heater can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you're new to the sauna world.

Not only are there a ton of different types of sauna heaters—electric, wood-fired, infrared, gas, etc., but there are all sorts of different brands and looks, different control types, stones, etc.

Out of the different types of sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters are by far the most popular. And for good reason. They're the easiest and quickest to use.

Electric sauna heaters use electricity to heat coils within the sauna heater. Those coils then heat sauna rocks, which help to heat the sauna. You can pour water over the sauna rocks to create steam and make your sauna even hotter.

Enthusiasts created the electric sauna heater in the 1950s, and the design has evolved significantly since then. Whether you're looking to heat your outdoor sauna, or create an oasis in your 1-2 person sauna these sauna heaters are some of the best options money can buy.

Our Top Choices for Electric Sauna Heaters

#1 Best Connectivity #2 High-Capacity Heater #3 Traditional Heater

HUUM DROP Electric Sauna Heater


HUUM HIVE Electric Sauna Heater


Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater


Huum Drop HUUM HIVE Electric Sauna Heater Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater product image
  • WiFi connectivity function
  • Remote controller (UKU)
  • Large stone capacity (500 pounds)
  • For big saunas (430 - 1,230 cubic feet)
  • Adjustable time and temperature switches
  • 8-hour delay timer

By reading this article you will learn that:

  1. The right sauna heater model and stone capacity to get based on your sauna size.
  2. Directly adding water to the sauna stones rapidly elevates both the temperature and humidity.
  3. A substantial stone capacity enables the maintenance of consistent and gentle heat.
  4. Our current choice of the best electric sauna heater, which is the HUUM DROP Electric Sauna Heater.

#1 HUUM DROP Electric Sauna Heater

Best for remote connectivity through WiFi and the UKU controller

An absolutely amazing sauna heater. A piece of art that changes the look and feel of any sauna. The WiFi option is a must if you want ease of use and flexibility to manage your sauna from anywhere you have an internet connection. I highly recommend it. Shawn Holiday, Verified Buyer, USA

The HUUM DROP Electric Sauna Heater is a wall-mounted heater that gives you two options for controlling your sauna sessions remotely. That’s thanks to its WiFi connectivity.

Get unrestricted access to your sauna heater’s settings by downloading the HUUM mobile app. This makes it possible to set up your DROP heater for your next session right from your phone.

While you’re out, you can specify the start and end time of your session, plus the ideal temperature. The best part is you’ll get a notification once the sauna’s ready for use.

Option two for getting remote access to the DROP heater comes with the UKU WiFi Controller included in your purchase.

While you enjoy your session, there’s no need to get up and adjust the settings on the wall panel if need be. Simply use the portable UKU controller from where you’re relaxing in the sauna to manage any of the heater settings you desire.

The DROP heater’s connectivity options also enable you to connect elements like your sauna’s lighting and ventilation to the system. So you also get to control those using the phone app or UKU controller.

HUUM changed the game when they introduced the DROP Sauna Heater. The winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, and only recently available in the U.S., the DROP heater has quickly become one of the most popular electric sauna heaters on the market.

The DROP has four models for you to choose from, each suitable for different sauna sizes between 110 and 530 cubic feet. These are the 4.5kW, 6kW, 7.5kW, and 9kW options.

The heater's capacity to hold 132 pounds of sauna stones means that it can generate consistent heat. Pouring water on top of the stones also creates steam, which helps:

  • Soothe the respiratory tract
  • Open skin pores
  • Improve relaxation and stress relief

The unique stone and cage design is an aesthetic plus since it stands out in any sauna setting.

Maintenance Tip: If your electric sauna heater starts taking longer to heat up, remove all sauna rocks, clean them, then reseat them loosely between the heating elements. This improves air circulation and the heater’s overall functionality.

Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater Bundle Control product image

#2 HUUM HIVE Electric Sauna Heater

Best for high-capacity saunas

So far so good. Everything appears to be working with the exception of the plug which I changed out myself and have been enjoying the full benefits. Sylvia Bell, Verified Buyer, USA

The HUUM HIVE Electric Sauna Heater is specially designed for expansive spaces like health clubs, spas, and gyms.

It can be used in large saunas ranging between 430 and 1,230 cubic feet. This is possible thanks to the heater’s impressive stone capacity of 550 pounds.

The huge stone capacity of this floor-mounted heater helps guarantee consistent heat, delivering a uniform heating experience for sauna users to enjoy.

Buyers can rest assured that this heater, which has a 5-year warranty, will last them a long time. The HUUM HIVE Electric Sauna heater is made using stainless steel construction, which enhances its durability, especially if you want to buy a commercial electric sauna heater.

Additionally, the HIVE supports WiFi connectivity through the HUUM mobile app for your phone and UKU WiFi Controller (sold separately). These allow you to turn on and pre-heat your sauna remotely.

You can also get the UKU Extension Box which expands this customization control and ensures that even the most extensive sauna spaces are catered to efficiently.

Huum Hive Electric Sauna Heater

#3 Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater

Best traditional sauna heater

After about a month of use, everything is great! First, the heater was very easy to purchase and arrived very, very quickly. It was as easy to install as it was to purchase (very simple wiring). I played around with the positioning of the thermostat a bit to allow the room to get to the right temperature and everything is perfect. Shawn, Verified Buyer, USA, May 2023

The Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater embodies the features you expect with a traditional sauna heater: reliability and durability.

First off, it's a wall-mounted heater, freeing up floor space for more important things—like stretching exercises.

It also includes two timers: a 1-hour timer and an 8-hour timer delay function.

The 1-hour timer enables you to squeeze in a quick session to rejuvenate when you're pressed for time. On the other hand, the 8-hour timer delay function lets you set the sauna beforehand, so you find it preheated when you get back home after your work day.

To top it all off, the Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater is made using stainless steel construction. This gives it a sleek and modern look, meaning it enhances whichever space you place it in.

Your safety is paramount with Harvia Kip’s construction. The stones have a protective grill around them and the heater’s casing doesn’t get hot to the touch regardless of the sauna’s temperatures.

As a plus, the operating switches can be installed on the front, left, or right side of the unit. That makes its installation convenient since you can adjust them to a position that’s easy for you to reach depending on its placement in your sauna room

The Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater also comes with serviceable heating elements and a 2-year warranty. So you know it’ll serve you for a long time.

Harvia Kip Electric Sauna Heater product image

#4 Harvia Cilindro Electric Sauna Heater

Best for modifying the steam intensity

We updated our sauna heater to a more powerful one and absolutely love it. Customer service was great. Thanks! Fred & Sabine, Verified Buyers, USA

We discussed Harvia and its history in a previous blog post, but Harvia is the O.G. in terms of electric sauna heaters, and when talking about Harvia sauna heaters the Cilindro is simply one of the best.

Standing over four feet high, the Harvia Cilindro Electric Sauna Heater requires 200 pounds of stones and the Xenio Wall Mounted Control Panel for operation. Due to its large stone capacity, this is a floor-mounted unit.

The Harvia Cilindro heater's huge stone volume facilitates efficient heat retention and a gentle heat release. This helps maintain a comfortable sauna environment for the duration of your session.

What's more, you can modify the steam intensity by leveraging the Cilindro's unique grate-like outer shell.

If you pour water on the sides, it generates soft steam, which is more comfortable for long sauna sessions or users wanting a mild sauna experience. This unit can be set to preheat to low temperatures of at least 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pouring water directly over the top of the stones provides intense heat and sharper steam, raising the temperature and humidity for an intense sauna session. The maximum temperature setting for the Harvia Cilindro is 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, your heater purchase includes an installation and operation manual to simplify the installation process.

Harvia Cilindro Electric Sauna Heater product image

#5 Amerec Junior Electric Sauna Heater

Best for small 1-2 person saunas

The product is great! So easy to assemble. We are experiencing the benefits. A great experience all around. I highly recommend Sun Valley Saunas. James Duffy, Verified Buyer, USA, July 2023

The Amerec Junior Electric Sauna Heater is a small heater that works wonders. Weighing only 25 pounds, it’s among the best Amerec electric sauna heaters for those with smaller sauna rooms.

This is a wall-mounted unit with three models available to suit different sauna sizes. These are the 2.2kW (120V and 240V) and 3kW options for sauna rooms up to 100 and 150 cubic feet, respectively.

Like most Amerec electric sauna heaters, to control the Amerec Junior’s temperature settings, you’ll need the Amerec SaunaLogic2 Digital Control Pad, which is included in your purchase. The control pad can be flush-mounted to your sauna wall. Just pick a spot that lets you reach it conveniently while you’re enjoying your session.

Your Amerec Junior sauna heater purchase includes 25 lbs. of premium Olivine Diabase sauna stones. Just like the other Amerec electric sauna heaters, these have superior heat retention and guarantee even heat distribution for temperatures up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit with the Amerec Junior.

Expert Tip: Ensure you only use sauna stones provided by the manufacturer, specific to your chosen model. If you don't, you risk voiding your warranty in case of any stone-related damage to your heater.

Amerec Junior Electric Sauna Heater product image

Did You Know? Electric sauna heaters heat up faster than wood-burning heaters, allowing you to start enjoying your sauna experience sooner. Short on time? Choose an electric sauna heater.

The table below compares various features of the five electric sauna heaters discussed above including their capacities and stone volumes.

Electric Sauna Heater Capacity Stone Volume
Huum Drop w/UKU WiFi Control Best for saunas up to 530 cubic feet, typically mid-sized saunas of 4–6 persons 132 pounds, which is over twice the capacity of small saunas and exceptional for mid-sized saunas
Harvia Cilindro w/ Digital Control Best for saunas up to 636 cubic feet, usually large saunas of 6–8 persons 200 pounds, which is sufficient for a large 636 cubic feet sauna
Amerec Designer B Series Electric Sauna Heater Best for saunas up to 150 cubic feet, typically small saunas of 1–2 persons 25 pounds, which is sufficient for 150 cubic feet saunas
Harvia KIP 6kW Electric Sauna Heater Best for saunas up to 425 cubic feet, commonly small 1–2-person saunas 45 pounds, which is sufficient for 425 cubic feet saunas
Huum Hive w/UKU WiFi Control Best for saunas up to 1,230 cubic feet, usually large saunas of 6–8 persons 500 pounds for maximum heat retention and long-lasting steam

Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric saunas use a lot of electricity?

Not really. A lot of saunas are designed to run efficiently on standard 220-volt electricity. That draws less than 30 amps of power compared to appliances like a clothes dryer, which gets used more often, especially in North America, and needs 120 volts of electricity.

How long do electric saunas last?

Typically, a sauna heater can last between 5 and 20 years.

Your heater's lifespan depends on factors like its manufacturer's reputation for quality, model specifications, frequency of use, quality of construction materials, exposure to the environment and your water's composition. For instance, unusually salty or acidic water can speed up a sauna heater's wear and tear.

How long do you need to stay in an electric sauna?

Try and limit your sauna use to between 15 and 20 minutes per session.

That's because, even for seasoned sauna users, extended stays in the sauna can cause dehydration, among other health-related issues. Check with your health professional for personalized advice that suits your needs.

#1 Our pick for the Best Electric Sauna Heater is the Huum Drop. Find out why by viewing its amazing range of full specs.


Author’s Note: Updated on 18th December 2023, including a detailed discussion of the best electric sauna heaters. Reviewed important features for each electric sauna, considering recent sauna heater reviews. Discussed the health benefits of using a steam sauna heater and added data-rich tables to improve understanding.

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