The 7 Best Outdoor Saunas in 2023

Updated June, 2023 

There is nothing better in the dead of winter than walking through the snow out to your own backyard sauna and alternating between sessions in the sauna and the snow.  Hot and cold.  Having your own outdoor sauna is truly one of life's great pleasures, but if you've spent any amount of time looking for an outdoor sauna you know that it's a really overwhelming process.  There are a million different saunas on the market out there now.  Made from all kinds of wood and using all kinds of heaters, the options are truly endless.  This goal of this post is to help make your search for an outdoor sauna a little bit easier.  Below are seven of the best outdoor saunas on the market.  With different prices points, sizes and types of saunas this list should have something for everyone.  But, we have to start with SaunaLife, the manufacturer of the absolute best barrel saunas out there! 


1. SaunaLife Barrel Saunas 

SaunaLife barrel saunas are more expensive than other barrel saunas, but they're made out of thermally treated Aspen wood.  The wood is steamed and heated to over 400 degrees.  This removes all of the impurities and weak points out of the wood, leaving a beautiful knotty look that's stronger than any other sauna.  Also measuring about a foot larger in diameter than your typical barrel sauna, SaunaLife barrel saunas are great for cold weather climates, and especially great for yoga and stretching.  



  • Thermally Treated Aspen wood
  • Larger than other barrel saunas 
  • Panoramic Window 


Thermory Outdoor Barrel Sauna


2. Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas

Almost Heaven Saunas are made in the U.S.A. and come with a bunch of different options.  This cabin sauna can be purchased in Rustic Fir, Rustic Cedar or Clear Red Cedar, and comes with your choice of electric sauna heater or wood fired sauna stove.  Complete with a covered porch, changing room and two tiered seating, we don't blame you at all for thinking about moving in full time!  

UPDATE: (9/20/2022) We no longer carry Almost Heaven products, but we still think they're pretty great and totally worth checking out! 



  • Holds up to six people 
  • True Outdoor Sauna 
  • Porch and Changing Room 

Almost Heaven Appalachia Outdoor Cabin Sauna


3. Dundalk Leisurecraft Luna Outdoor Sauna

The Luna outdoor sauna has a really unique shape and look to it.  Made in Canada, this cubic sauna comes with two tiered seating and a Harvia 6kW electric sauna heater.  Comfortably seating up to four people and having a large front window, this is an outdoor sauna perfect for a smaller backyard.   



  • Unique Shape and Look 
  • Two-tiered seating 
  • Tempered Glass Windows 


Dundalk Leisurecraft Luna Outdoor Sauna


4. Enlighten Saunas 

There aren't a lot of truly outdoor infrared saunas out there, and definitely none as beautiful as the Rustic 5 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna.  Built from Western Canadian Red Cedar and sporting a double shingled roof, this is an infrared sauna that will stand up to some serious weather.  Featuring 8 infrared heaters, an air ionizer, chromotherapy lighting and Bluetooth stereo you're never going to want to leave your new backyard sauna.    



  • Western Canadian Red Cedar 
  • True Outdoor Infrared Sauna 
  • Double-Shingled Roof 


Enlighten Saunas Rustic 5 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna


5. Almost Heaven Saunas

With a more sleek and modern look, the Timberline outdoor sauna is the more polished cousin to the Appalachia outdoor sauna.  Including a wraparound front porch and comfortably seating up to 6 people, the Timberline cabin sauna is built to stand up to the worst weather you can throw at it.  Made in the U.S.A. and featuring tempered glass windows and doors, the Timberline is a wonderful outdoor sauna for those looking for a more modern look without sacrificing on quality or heat.  

UPDATE: (9/20/2022) We no longer carry Almost Heaven products, but we still think they're pretty great and totally worth checking out!



  • Sleek modern design 
  • Holds up to six people 
  • Multi-level seating 


Almost Heaven Saunas Timberline Outdoor Cabin Sauna


6. SunRay Saunas Cayenne 4 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna

The SunRay Cayenne outdoor sauna is one of our most popular outdoor saunas and is one of the few outdoor infrared saunas available on the market right now.  Made from Canadian hemlock and featuring 8 infrared heaters, this affordable infrared sauna is better suited for moderate weather in warmer climates.  It comes with a weather cover for the wet days, but most people don't need to use the cover too much.  For under $3,300 this is a really great sauna.  



  • Affordable Infrared Sauna 
  • 8 Infrared Heaters 
  • Made from Canadian Hemlock 


SunRay Saunas Cayenne Outdoor Infrared Sauna


7. Dundalk Leisurecraft Canadian Timber Tranquility Barrel Sauna

Last but not least, a barrel sauna.  An awesome barrel sauna.  Made by Dundalk Leisurecraft, the Tranquility barrel sauna holds up to six people and comes with your choice of electric sauna heater or wood burning sauna stove.  This is a classic barrel sauna that automatically circulates the hot air within the sauna, keeping the air consistently hot and humid.  



  • Porch and Windows 
  • Holds up to six people 
  • Choose from electric sauna heater or wood burning sauna stove 


Dundalk Leisurecraft Tranquility Outdoor Barrel Sauna


8. Golden Designs Uppsala 4 Person Barrel Sauna 

The Golden Designs Uppsala 4 Personal Barrel Sauna is made from Western Canadian Red Cedar and comes with a Harvia KIP 6kW electric sauna heater.  Other accessories include a bucket and ladle, thermometer, sandglass timer and strip lighting.  Easy to put together, this 4 person barrel sauna is the perfect addition to your backyard.  

 Golden Designs Uppsala 4 Person Barrel Sauna

Whether you decide to go with an infrared sauna or a traditional sauna, I think we can all agree there's just something magical about hopping into an outdoor sauna, especially if it's sitting there in your own backyard.   The Almost Heaven Saunas are pretty customizable so if you're wanting a certain kind of heater, or a different type of door just let us know and we can see what we're able to do.  

Give us a call today to discuss your sauna options with a sauna expert! 


Sun Valley Saunas

Wes, Founder, Sun Valley Saunas


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