The Best Barrel Saunas From Golden Designs

We love barrel saunas here at Sun Valley Saunas and that's pretty well documented.  We love all kinds of barrel saunas.  SaunaLife makes them with thermally modified wood and Dundalk Leisurecraft makes some of the best barrel saunas on the market as well.   But they aren't the only one making high quality barrel saunas.  Enter Golden Designs.  We've talked about how much we love the saunas made by Golden Designs, whether it's their Reserve Series with Himalayan salt bars built in, or the incredibly gorgeous Bergen Outdoor Sauna.  

Golden Designs now has two barrel saunas to choose from, and they are both made from Western Canadian Red Cedar, which is my favorite wood for saunas.

But before we jump into the Golden Designs barrel saunas, let's start our love letter to barrel saunas.  

Barrel Saunas: We Love You 

Barrel saunas are great! They offer all of the same benefits that other infrared saunas and traditional saunas offer, but the unique barrel shape is perfect for naturally circulating heat around the sauna.  This keeps the whole sauna at the same, toasty temperature so you don't have to deal with the heat rising and creating different heat zones.  

Barrel saunas also make for perfect backyard saunas and are typically some of the best outdoor saunas for cold and wet winters.  Here in Idaho you can spot barrel saunas out in the snow throughout the winter and there's nothing better than seeing the smoke rise from those wood burning sauna stoves in the middle  of snowy, wet winter.  

Sounds prettay prettay nice, huh?

Golden Designs Barrel Saunas 

Golden Designs now has two barrel saunas to choose from and they are both made from Western Canadian Red Cedar, which is my favorite wood for saunas.  Anti-microbial, animal resistant and complete with the most "sauna-esque" aroma, cedar just can't be beat.  

Golden Designs Uppsala 4 Person Barrel Sauna

Golden Designs Uppsala 4 Person Barrel Sauna

The Uppsala 4 Person Barrel Sauna is a gorgeous barrel sauna made from, as we said above, Western Canadian Red Cedar! Comfortably holding 4 sauna lovers and powered by a 6kW Harvia KIP electric sauna heater, this barrel sauna gets up to about 190 degrees in the dead of winter.  Sauna rocks included.  

Although the Uppsala Barrel Sauna comfortably holds up to four people, it's only about 6 feet long.  So if you have a small space in your backyard this is a great option.  

The Uppsala comes with a bucket, ladle, thermometer, sandglass timer and really nice interior accent lighting.  

Golden Designs Marstrand 6 Person Barrel Sauna 

Golden Designs Marstrand 6 Person Barrel Sauna

This is the big dog! I'll cut to the chase here.  The Marstrand Barrel Sauna is the same as the Uppsala, but it's about 20 inches longer and comfortably seats six sauna lovers.  The Marstrand comes with an 8kW Harvia KIP electric sauna heater and gets up to about 190 degrees as well.  

Golden Designs Bergen Traditional Outdoor Sauna 

 Golden Designs Bergen Traditional Outdoor Sauna

Ok ok ok, this isn't a barrel sauna.  But this new Golden Designs Bergen Traditional Outdoor Sauna is just way too amazing to not throw in here.  The Bergen is an absolute beast made for bad weather.  Featuring an all weather exterior, the Bergen also sports a small porch perfect for cooling off in between sauna sessions.  

Powered by an 8kW SaunaCore electric sauna heater, the Golden Designs Bergen Outdoor Sauna is controlled by an elegant touch screen control panel.  So sit back with five of your favorite sauna friends, play some music through the Bluetooth stereo system and set the Chromotherapy lights to green for GO - it's time for the best sauna session of your life! 

So we gave you two awesome barrel saunas and one super awesome non-barrel sauna.  It's a tough decision to make, but you really can't go wrong.  If you're having a hard time figuring out which sauna to go with give us a call.  One of our sauna experts is happy to help! 

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