The 6 Best Home Saunas For 2023

Whether it's an indoor infrared sauna you're looking for, or an outdoor traditional sauna, having a sauna at your home is an absolute game changer.  With benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep and even improved cardiovascular health, an at home sauna is an investment in yourself, your health, and even your quiet time! As a dad to a toddler that last benefit really hits close to home.  

Once you've made the decision to add a sauna to your home, actually going out there and figuring out what kind of sauna you're going to get is a whole different adventure (that's the nice way to frame it).  There's infrared, there's full spectrum infrared, there's EMF, there's electric heaters, there's WiFi heaters, there's a million different brands with a million different types of saunas, heaters, controls, accessories and considerations.  

Just like most things in life, there's no real one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to an at home sauna.  If you've got a small space and don't want to spend a lot of time or money, a more compact infrared sauna may be your best choice.  If you have a lake house and are looking for something to put near the water to alternative cold plunge and sauna time, a gorgeous barrel sauna is what I would recommend for you.  

This list is far from exhaustive, but I've picked the six best saunas that should generally cover all needs, from small infrared saunas for indoors, to large traditional barrel saunas with WiFi apps.  

To make things easy we'll start with the smallest and simplest sauna and slowly move our up the size chain to the largest sauna.  If these saunas don't fit what you're looking for we have plenty available in all different shapes and sizes.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss! Without further ado, here are our six best home saunas for 2023:


1. Maxxus Seattle 2 Person Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Canadian Hemlock Sauna, MX-J206-01

The Maxxus Seattle is by far the most popular infrared sauna we carry.  And for good reason! It's a simple straight forward infrared sauna that does everything you need it to, and nothing more.  Comfortably fitting up to 2 people, the Maxxus Seattle is small enough to incorporate into a bathroom, or for anyone in a condo or apartment looking for an at home sauna.  It plugs into a standard U.S. outlet and brings you all of the rest and relaxation you need.  Built from Canadian Hemlock, this at home infrared sauna is an affordable option that tons of sauna users are already loving! 



  • Compact Far Infrared Sauna perfect for small spaces 
  • Plugs into a standard U.S. outlet 
  • Simple set up and operation 

 Maxxus Seattle 2 Person Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Canadian Hemlock Sauna MX-J206-01

2. Maxxus 3 Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna, MX-M306-01-FS CED

This Maxxus 3 person full spectrum infrared sauna is a step up from the Seattle in a few different ways.  First, as you can tell from the name, it's a little bit larger of a sauna and holds up to three people comfortably.  It's also made from Western Canadian Red Cedar and gives off that gorgeous cedar aroma most of us associate with saunas.  Remember - cedar not only smells great, it's also naturally anti-microbial! This Maxxus three person at home sauna is also a full spectrum infrared sauna.  Where the Maxxus Seattle utilizes just far infrared light, the three person engages all three spectrums of infrared light: far, mid and near.  You can brush up on the difference between those three spectrums here.  

The Maxxus 3 person full spectrum infrared sauna also comes with a Bluetooth stereo and speakers, as well as chromotherapy lighting and two digital control panels - interior and exterior.  An excellent choice for someone looking for an at home infrared sauna with all the bells and whistles, we can't recommend this Maxxus three person at home sauna enough!   



  • Made From Western Canadian Red Cedar 
  • Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna 
  • Bluetooth Stereo and Speakers 

Maxxus 3 Person Full Spectrum Near Zero EMF Infrared Canadian Red Cedar Sauna MX-M306-01-FS CED


3. Dundalk Leisurecraft Canadian Timber Luna CTC22LU Traditional Outdoor Sauna

This is the first outdoor sauna in our list, and the first traditional sauna utilizing an electric sauna heater as opposed to infrared light.  The Dundalk Luna is made in Canada and comes with two-tiered bench seating.  This is a great feature to instantly regulate temperature as the second-tier bench is always going to be a bit hotter than the first tier.  

Featuring a unique cube shape, the Luna outdoor sauna can be heated with an electric sauna heater or a wood fired sauna stove.  We recommend going with a Huum heater and WiFi control if you decide to go the electric route.  Huum also makes gorgeous wood fired sauna stoves that work really well in the Luna.  

Comfortably seating 4 people, the Luna is waterproof and a perfect sauna for your backyard or anywhere outdoors.  



  • Two-tiered Bench Seating 
  • Waterproof Membrane 
  • Made in Canada 



4. Golden Designs Osla 4-6 Person Traditional Sauna, GDI-7689-01

Golden Designs not only makes gorgeous infrared saunas (See No. 5 below), but they also make amazing traditional saunas as well.  The Osla indoor traditional sauna is a great way to relax and sweat it out in style.  Made from 100% Western Canadian Red Cedar, the Osla and it's smaller cousin the Copenhagen are the only two saunas to feature Galaxy lighting in the ceiling.  Pick from any color you want and set the mood in a way no other sauna can compare.  

Other features of this gorgeous at home sauna are a Bluetooth stereo and speakers, digital touchscreen and 6kW Saunacore electric sauna heater.  The two-tiered seating is the icing on the cake and makes this sauna my absolute favorite indoor traditional sauna.   



  • Galaxy Ceiling Lighting System 
  • Made From Western Canadian Red Cedar 
  • 6kW Saunacore Electric Sauna Heater with Digital Touch Control 

 Golden Designs Osla 4-6 Person Traditional Sauna GDI-7689-01


5. Golden Designs Reserve 6 Person Near Zero EMF Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, GDI-8260-01

Loving everything about Golden Designs, but leaning more towards an infrared sauna? The Golden Designs Reserve Series is definitely worth checking out.  Featuring Western Canadian Red Cedar on the interior, this six person full spectrum infrared sauna comes with 5 (Five!) built-in Himalayan salt bars.  Himalayan salt bars have been shown to give your body minerals and nutrients it doesn't normally get, and is really great for the skin.  

The Golden Designs GDI-8260-01 has nine carbon infrared heaters, Bluetooth stereo and speakers and a huge wrap around bench to lay down on.  If you've ever wanted to truly take your mind off things in your very own luxury home spa, this at home infrared sauna is the way to go! 



  • 5 Himalayan Salt Bars
  • Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna 
  • Bluetooth Stereo and Speakers 

 Golden Designs Reserve 6 Person Near Zero EMF Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, GDI-8260-01

6. Thermory Barrel Sauna

Last on our list is the barrel sauna you've been waiting for! Constructed in Estonia from thermally modified Nordic spruce, the Thermory barrel saunas are a foot larger in diameter than other barrel saunas on the market.  This makes them not only great for regular sauna use, but they're also perfect if you're looking to stretch or do yoga in your sauna.  

The Thermory barrel saunas come in a few different sizes and can hold anywhere from 2 to 6 people depending on what you want to go with.  A small porch with outdoor seating for two and a massive panoramic window are just a couple of the options you can throw on to make this barrel sauna a truly amazing addition to your home.  

We recommend pairing the Thermory barrel saunas with a 9kW Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater with an UKU Wi-Fi Control.  This allows you to control your sauna directly from your smartphone, which we recommend doing on your last lift ride of the day before you head home from the mountain.



  • Made from Thermally Modified Nordic Spruce 
  • 7' in Diameter 
  • Optional Panoramic Window and Porch  



Whether you're looking for an indoor infrared sauna or an outdoor traditional sauna we've got you covered! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or are looking for something specific.  

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